Makeup Tips: How to correctly apply your foundation

I’m sure we all want to look our best when going out, and knowing how to apply your makeup is one thing which cannot be rushed. Better to do the job properly to begin with girls, than fuss with it and touch it up all day. It starts with getting the foundation on correctly, and we have found the following steps help in a big way.

  1. we hope you removed your makeup last night before bed, but if you didn’t, now is the time to give your face a really good clean, being sure to get rid of every last bit of oil, dirt and makeup.
  2.  then use a really good moisturizer – and give it time for the moisturizer to get into your skin.  We like to warm it up with our hands first before applying.
  3. if it needs to stay on for a long night ahead, you might want to use a primer, otherwise begin to apply the foundation with your preferred method of fingers, sponge of brush, starting in the middle of the face and brushing/blending outwards. We find fingers are great for less coverage while sponges apply just the right amount where it is needed.
  4. if you need to cover redness or blemishes, use a concealer on a fingertip or small pointy brush here, or just skip to setting the foundation. Using a good quality translucent powder will help the skin reflect light, absorb excess oil, and reduce shine. Be sure not to overdo it though.

And there, just like a pro, you are ready to go out and hit the town! And if you have any tips and hints for others, please drop us a comment below so we can share it with our readers.

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Makeup Tips: How to correctly apply your foundation

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