Do dogs choose their favourite human?

If you have ever lived in a household where there in one dog and multiple humans, you will often notice that the dog seems drawn to one person in particular. Sure they will love all the humans in that family but for one reason or another they seem more ‘attached’ to one person more than others. It could be because that human has the task of regularly feeding them, or perhaps walks them more than the others, but is it just because their physical needs are being met? We think it is not quite that simple but would love to know your thoughts on the matter.

Because the dog is by nature a pack animal, he or she is genetically engineered to be around others, to accept the leadership of one, and to run with many. However, nothing in their genes determines that they should attach themselves to one of that pack more than the others. So perhaps the one who shows them the most attention has that affection returned, and a bond is created between the two out of mutual endearment.

We have noticed over the years that different dogs have their own preferences as to age, and often bond more easily with adults over children. That is not to say that they don’t love all the kids in the family at times, but when it comes to a cuddle on the lap or an ear scratch they tend to go to mum or dad first. Is that because young children in particular can be very loud and boisterous at times, and less caring in their general handling of the animal? We have often seen our little ones fall and trip all over our dogs, who don’t seem to mind, but maybe they know they can escape to an adult for some tenderness and care?

And what about gender? We have often noticed our dogs going first to a female in the house before they go to the guys? Once again it might just be for a scratch or a pat but overwhelmingly we saw the girls play a greater role with the dogs than the boys. 

Obviously every dog, and every breed of dog is different and behaves differently according to many factors, and we don’t think it fair to generalise and suggest that all dogs prefer quiet, older, calm people. We know that many dogs love the rough and tumble, active, loud households. But what do you think? Do your dogs seem to attach themselves to a particular person, gender or age in your household more than others?

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Do dogs choose their favourite human?
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