How to save for your next holiday

We all love to travel, and unfortunately (unless you have rich parents or friends who will pay for you) it generally costs money to do so. However there are some ways in which you can save for your next holiday, and that is what today’s post is all about.

The first and most obvious answer is simple really. Open a dedicated account in which you will place a given amount or percentage of your income each week. You simply work out where you want to go and how much is required, and then start depositing. The trick to this is commitment and it often helps if you can enrol the assistance of a partner, friend or parent who will nag the hell out of you, or be trusted to deposit it for you. This option will restrict the amount you waste on frivolous things which you don’t really need. And if you plan to save for a while, look around for a good interest-bearing account which will further assist you.

Start keeping a daily log in which you can track all your expenditure. It might seem like a pain in the butt, but you will be surprised just how much is wasted on takeaway, coffee, cigarettes, and the like. By tracking where you are wasting money, you will find it easier to commit to saving that money instead and your savings account will grow even faster.

Watching where you spend your money will also allow you to make some lifestyle changes. Do you really need that expensive gym membership when you can run around the block? Does the car really need those brand new super-duper tyres when a cheaper brand will save big bucks and do the same job? Do you really need the car when the bus and train goes everywhere you need to go and for far cheaper? All of these decisions can save you many thousands of dollars a year.

Are you renting? Can you move back home for a spell? If you get on well with your parents and you are single or a small family, it might be quite feasible to move back home for a few months and just help out with a fair share of the bills and food. This can save mega-dollars – just be sure you don’t sponge of your family or leave them on bad terms. If you have your own place,  you may be able to take in someone at your own home and you can save the rent they pay.

We have friends who put all their spare change in a mason jar and over 12 months they collect a fortune, and all from loose coins which fill their purse or pocket and they don’t seem to miss. Why not set up your own ‘Travel Fund’ jar and see how much you can collect in addition to your savings account!

Do you normally get  birthday and Christmas pressies from family and friends? Why not give them a heads-up and ask if they wouldn’t mind giving money instead, or provide relevant travel vouchers which will assist you on holiday. Some people hate giving cash as presents but a voucher idea can work for these people. They can go online and buy tickets to the London Eye, or a rail pass, or any number of things you will need.

If you have relevant skills or qualification, have you thought about taking on some extra work, either before you go, or while you are away. A friend who is a qualified massage therapist seems to find work wherever he goes overseas and uses it as extra income along the way. You may also be able to barter your services in exchange for accommodation or meals.

There are many ways to save for a holiday, and these are just some that we know of. If there are others you have used, we would love to hear from you so we can share them with friends. Why not drop us a comment below.

Living each adventure, 
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How to save for your next holiday
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