Makeup: our top concealer tips and tricks

When applying makeup, many girls are taught to believe that a good foundation will cover everything, and when you see the flawless skin (and Photoshop!) on gorgeous magazine models you almost believe it. However, as soon as that first pimple appears, or you need to cover some troublesome acne or scar, you realise something else is needed. Say hello to the world of concealers. And below we will give our best tips and tricks on how and why to use a good concealer as part of your usual makeup routine.

  1. many people only talk about using a concealer on the dark areas under the eyes, but the truth is it can be used wherever it is needed: around your nose, in the middle of your chin, that blemish on your cheek, a scar on your forehead, and that pimple on the centre of your nose.
  2. you may need to colour-correct before applying the concealer so as to neutralize the problem area. Then try using a shade or two lighter around and to brighten your eyes.
  3. use a pencil concealer for acne as it will be easier to apply on the spots.
  4. consider using a hydrating primer before applying the concealer for more even application and to make it last longer.
  5. red lipstick can be used to cover up dark blue or purple spots on darker skin.
  6. use a fingertip to lightly tap the concealer onto the general eye it is to be applied to and then blend in well.
  7. a green primer can counteract the effect of red blemishes.
  8. try mixing your concealer before application with a little primer and some highlighter. This can be great for using around the eyes.
  9.  use your ring finger to apply cream around your eyes. It is the gentlest finger to use for delicate areas.
  10. before applying your eyeshadow, dab on a small amount of concealer. This will stop the eyeshadow falling off your eyelids.

Ten simple tips that could make your makeup routine much more effective. Do you have any more tips and tricks for applying concealer? Drop us a comment below to share with our readers.

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Makeup: our top concealer tips and tricks
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