Wine Review: Coldstream Hills 2013 Chardonnay

As Australia begins to experience its first hot Summer days, many Aussies will put aside heavy red wines in favour of chilled whites to accompany cooler meals such as seafood and salads. For a time, some of the more traditional whites seemed to have lost favour with the general public as they explored sweet and fruity varieties. However, we are now starting to see a return to lovely dry white wines, and so this week we tasted a lovely Coldstream Hill Chardonnay from 2013. Keep reading to see what we thought.

Originating from the Victorian Yarra Valley. this wine has the traditional pale straw-colour you would expect of a good Chardonnay, with sweet nutty, citrus aromas. With tastes of grapefruit, melons, and oak it is soft, refreshing and delightful to drink by itself or enjoy with food as we did. A well-balanced dry white it has sufficient structure and texture to make it an enjoyable and easy tasting Aussie wine.

We love Chardonnay on a warm day with a prawn salad, but it goes equally well with many other delicate dishes such as crab, steamed fish, pasta and chicken. It can be used when beginning a meal with vegetable soup, or to finish a meal with Cheddar cheese and foie gras. While it can be a multi-purpose wine, we personally do not like it so much with spicy Chinese or Italian food, some tomato-based meals, or light, fresh goat or sheep cheeses. That said, many of these things come down to personal taste, so try a variety of foods and let us know below if you agree or disagree with us.

We promise not to be offended.

Coldstream Hills Wine

Score: 4 out of 5

Living each adventure, 
Christine and Trevor

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Wine Review: Coldstream Hills 2013 Chardonnay

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