10 essential habits of people who stay fit

Staying fit is a daily decision, just as deciding NOT to exercise is. And while there are always extenuating circumstances preventing people from exercising at times, such as sickness or injury, keeping fit is a mindset where YOU and you alone make the decision and then follow through with the actions required. And if we look at the lives of those who do maintain a high level of fitness we see some key habits they have developed that can help all of us. So let’s take a look at what we think are some of the essential habits required to stay fit.

  1. not sleeping in. There is nothing quite like rising early and using the time wisely before the day gets busy. Going for a run, lifting some weights, or even playing on the Wii will raise your heart levels and increase your fitness levels. And doing it before others rise and worries get into your head helps keep you concentrating on your fitness goals.
  2. seeing daily movement as necessary. That might mean getting off the bus early to walk a few stops, walking up the stairs, taking your bicycle, and any other number of ways to keep moving, rather than sitting still and doing nothing.
  3. drink lots of water. It is too easy to grab a can of soda out of the fridge or guzzle lots of coffee during the day, so it is essential you make a determined effort to have water on hand and drink it regularly throughout the day.
  4. don’t skip your workouts. Don’t plan for three exercise sessions a week and only achieve one or two. Plan to exercise every day and try to stick to the plan. Make it a priority and tell all your family and friends that this is important in your life and seek their support in being on your team.
  5. eat lots of clean, healthy food. Ditch as much processed food as possible and grow or make your own if possible. If you can’t, start reading and understanding food labels and what goes into food. You can never blame others when you ingest high levels of salt, fat or sugar in your meals.
  6. consider being fit as a lifestyle, not just a diet or exercise program. Once you do this you will start to see a change in the way you approach eating and keeping fit.
  7. cut back on snacks late at night. You body needs to rest overnight in order to function at its best so don’t eat heavy meals just before going to bed. Try and stop eating several hours before going to be if possible, and if you need to snack later to take some medication, choose wisely what you eat.
  8. review your sleeping habits and environment. You can’t sleep well if your smartphone is going off all night with ‘Snapchat’ photos coming through or friends keeping in touch. Turn your bedroom into a place of peace and serenity where there is minimal electronic interference and lots of comfort and quiet.
  9. have a plan for when you are down and need support. We all experience it but the last thing you want to do is hit the fridge for comfort food. Have some close friends or family who you can go to and talk through any issues and help you through it. And keep some special but healthy options in the house for those times so you can treat yourself and start to feel better.
  10. mix up your routine so you don’t get bored and start skipping meals or exercise. Run one day, swim the next, join a club like in the photo above, and do weights another day. 

Try incorporating these ten habits into your life and see if they don’t help you stay fit, and enjoy the journey. And if you have any other tips, drop us a comment below to share with others.

Living each adventure, 
Christine and Trevor

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10 essential habits of people who stay fit
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