Merry Christmas From Us To You

Another year is just about over folks and it has been a big one for us in many ways.

  • Our web page has been redesigned and we are now producing daily content which we hope is relevant and interesting.
  • Our social media channels continue to grow, especially Pinterest – which has just exploded. We are now averaging NINE MILLION VIEWERS A MONTH on Pinterest alone. Unbelievable!!
  • We have opened an online storefront through we can sell a wide variety of great products, all featuring our DigitalArt images that are going out across the world.
  • And we have become #BrandAmbassadors for a number of reputable companies who support us and allow us to share great discounts, offers and giveaways with our readers.

It was the late and great John Lennon who wrote:

“So this is Christmas / And what have you done / Another year over / And a new one just begun.
And so this is Christmas / I hope you have fun /  The near and the dear ones / The old and the young’.
A very merry Christmas / And a happy New Year / Let’s hope it’s a good one / Without any fear.”

I think he had it right when he said that we should hope for a good year ahead without any fear. Especially as business people, we all need to plan ahead and take certain risks, often with fear lurking at our side, ready to stop us in our tracks if we let it. Sometimes we just need to push ahead through that fear to see the outcomes we had hoped for.

So as we celebrate a hot Christmas Day here in Adelaide, Australia with our family and friends, we would like to wish all our friends around the world a very Merry Christmas. And we hope and pray that you can join us in pushing ahead through the challenges in your life to enjoy good times ahead and great success without any fear. 

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Until tomorrow.

Living each adventure,
Your Friends,

Christine and Trevor

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Merry Christmas From Us To You

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