'ESCAPE': Our Latest DigitalArt Image

Today’s DigitalArt image explores the aspect of ‘escape‘, which may involve escaping from or to something. It may be a bad lifestyle choice, an abusive relationship, a poor career decision, or even a state of mind. We hope you can take the time to look through the image today and read more of the story below to discover why we chose this theme.

Our image reveals a young woman running quickly through a fiery, smoke-filled landscape. She is briefly clad in a bikini or perhaps her underwear, and carries nothing else, giving the impression of haste as if she has urgently fled a situation. The look on her face is one of determination and she keeps her eyes straight ahead. And she is barefoot, giving further evidence of having left in a hurry. Perhaps the only item she had time to pick up was a light-coloured scarf which is worn over her head to protect her hair from the flames.

Behind her can be seen the sails of a great ship, which perhaps is the cause of the fire. Has it beached on rocks or in a hurry? Are there any other survivors.?And if there are, is the young woman running away from the danger of the fire, the situation aboard ship, or the very survivors themselves?

Ahead lies a forest or jungle into which she runs. Will this be the place of refuge she is seeking, or be the cause of further danger from which she will need to escape again? Either way, she feels some sense of calm and supernatural guidance as a kaleidoscope of butterflies flutters just ahead of her, leading her ever onwards, deeper into the foliage ahead. 

We hope you like our artwork, and may it encourage you to ‘Escape‘ into a better lifestyle today!

This will be our last DigitalArt image produced for 2016, but we will be back again in 2017 and we hope you can join us again then. 

Living each adventure, 
Christine and Trevor

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‘ESCAPE’: Our Latest DigitalArt Image
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