Makeup: essential contouring and highlighting tips

You may have seen movie and reality TV stars doing it, but never realised exactly ‘what’ they did to make their makeup look soooo good. In many cases they were simply Highlighting and Contouring, a well-known makeup technique to create distinct light and dark areas on their face to sculpt and shape the face more professionally. Well, read on to get some of our best contouring and highlighting tips.

  • with contouring you are seeking to create shadows in those parts of your face that you are not wanting to draw attention to, whereas with highlighting you are adding light to the areas you wish to make more prominent. It then enhances your features and slims your face.
  • if you watch any internet tutorial on ‘how to highlight and contour’, just keep in mind that not all faces are the same shape. If you have a thin face, the technique might be quite different to the girl in the tutorial who had a square face.
  • many girls like to use the darker shade first to trace out the temples, just above the cheekbones, down each side of the nose, under the lower lip, around the hairline, and trace under the jaw line and chin.  Then use a good blender to tap and merge it into the foundation.
  • your makeup kit, and how you apply it can make a big difference in the overall finish. Whether you use a cream or a powder is an individual preference but you might find it best not to combine both cream and powder as it can look a bit caked on.
  • you will want to apply your highlighter along the highpoint of the cheekbones, the centre of the forehead and cheeks, the bridge of the nose and centre of chin, between the brows and under the eyebrow arch, and the tip of the nose and temples. You don’t want to overdo the highlighting as it will look artificial and doll-like. Better to dab lightly with your fingers than to brush it all over like house paint!
  • and if you didn’t catch the hint before here it is again: blending well is the real secret to successful highlighting and contouring

Do it well and you can match it with Kim Kardashian any time! And if in doubt seek professional advice and see an experienced beauty therapist. 

If you have any more tips or hacks you would like to share, please feel free to drop us a comment below to share with others.

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Makeup: essential contouring and highlighting tips

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