'THE CRUSADES': Our Latest DigitalArt Image

This week’s DigitalArt is loosely based on the well-known crusades, or ‘Holy Wars’ as they were often referred to, that occurred intermittently somewhere between 1096 and 1270-91. Today’s image is not meant to replicate that warfare, but rather to imagine a more modern crusader defending his land, people, beliefs, and values against an unseen foe. We hope you like it and will take the time to examine our image and read further to discover how and why it was assembled.

For our purposes we needed a location and Europe seemed a good place to start. Much of that land saw death and destruction during those times, and so an old map was inserted as the background. The colouring is important as it reflects how each crusade brought both light and dark to affected cities and populations. It is said that history is written by the victors and our map is colour-shaded to reflect light coming to some populations during those times, darkness falling over others, and anger (fire) raging unchecked through much of the land. The colour locations on our map were chosen to suit the image and bear no reference to the real crusades, nor are they meant to be a religious commentary on the events that occurred. .

A compass lies open in the bottom left of the image to signify the wide-ranging geographical nature of the crusades and the fact that in those days no GPS existed to direct their path. Soldiers would have travelled over great swathes of countryside, often with little guidance or direction, and perhaps with as little purpose at times as well.

In the opposite corner a large cobweb grows to remind us of the enormous time span these crusades covered. While each crusade in itself may have been relatively short, they covered a large part of Medieval Times as land was captured and then lost before being recaptured in a later military campaign. While the wars raged and lives were lost, the creatures of the land continued to spin their webs, dig their holes and reproduce, blissfully ignorant of the bloodbath around them.

Our image does not contain an original crusader with a cross upon his chest, but one who is dressed in more modern clothes. He bears no armour and his only weapon is a sword in his right hand. You might note that the blade is glowing red to signify that it is no ordinary historical weapon and perhaps has a closer relationship to that seen in a ‘Star Wars’ movie, rather than a historical documentary. 

Of special note is the stance our hero has. Though having little in the way of weaponry and standing upon scorched earth, his attitude indicates to us that perhaps like all invaded peoples’ he is prepared to pay the ultimate sacrifice if necessary. Though his enemy is out of view of the camera, he holds up his left hand, palm facing the enemy, and appears to be saying, “come no further if you value your life. This is my land and I will not give it up easily.”

Running down the left side of the image is the word, ‘Crusader’. The text is black, but stained red, perhaps with the blood, sweat and tears of previous battles. The word reminds us that he is a fighter in every political, social and religious sense.

Perhaps our image is somewhat indicative of current and previous world events, but then maybe not.

We hope you like it, and would love to know your thoughts on this image if you would be so kind as to leave a comment below for us. 

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‘THE CRUSADES’: Our Latest DigitalArt Image
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