How to protect your travel photos

Going away on holiday is one of the great joys in life, and if you are anything like us, you love to take a camera along with you to record those memories and bring them home to enjoy long after the trip. But how many us give any thought to how well we are protecting those precious photos or video each day of the trip, so that they will still be there for us when we get home? Well, keep reading because we have some great tips to keep your photos safe while you are away.

  1. work out a system and stick to it every day. What I do, you may not want to do, and visa versa, but what is important is that you have a plan to keep your photos safe that works for you, and that you commit to doing it, every, single, day!
  2. give some thought to the memory card in your camera that will store all those memories and if possible never just rely on one card, especially a cheap one. It is always heartbreaking to lose any travel photos, but better to lose just one day’s worth than the entire trip. Try and buy the best you can afford and have enough on hand so you can take them out frequently and store them safely while a new blank card takes its place in the camera.
  3. explore options to backup to the cloud. Online storage could be a backup system to your SD cards providing a double form of security while away. Of course depending where you plan to travel, you may not be able to instantly access the cloud and so thorough research needs to be done before travelling to ascertain appropriate access points.
  4. because cloud access may be unavailable or restricted at times, considering purchasing a small external hard drive. These only take up a small amount of baggage space and come with various amounts of storage which should be more than what you need.
  5. while generally talking here about photos taken on your camera, don’t forget about those you snap on your smartphone – and you will. You can automatically set up most phones to backup photos to iCloud, Dropbox or any number of apps available.
  6. some cameras have a dual card slot inbuilt and while many people uses these to store different images on, it is a great habit to be in to have the same image saved to both. This can save you an extra backup step later on at the hotel.
  7. check out some recovery software before travelling to see what might be needed if one of your cards experiences issues. If your chosen software works better with JPEG files you might need to make the decision to either shoot only in JPEG or preferably shoot on RAW and JPEG. This will take up extra space but will provide the best of both worlds if problems occur.
  8. if you are going to be carrying multiple SD cards, you will want to protect them from the elements and your can’t go past a good Ziplock plastic bag for keeping the rain and dust out. You should always carry a good supply of different size bags to keep batteries, spare hard drive, and even your camera in if the rain comes down.
  9. think about leaving a reliable phone contact with all your cards just in case they get lost. You would not be the first traveller to lose their camera or SD cards and wish afterwards they had done so.
  10. do not delete individual images off your card as you go. It is too easy to accidentally wipe one or more images from your card or to damage the internal file system of the card as you do so. Leave it until you get home and have adequate backups made before you delete anything. 

Ten simple tips, but ones that could make a BIG difference to your peace of mind in ensuring your bring all your wonderful holiday images home with you. 

Living each adventure, 
Christine and Trevor

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How to protect your travel photos
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