The Great Debate: Do you prefer crunchy or smooth peanut butter?

We were sitting down at our recent Christmas Day lunch and it wasn’t long before the conversation turned to food, then to recipes…and then to peanut butter! Soon it was like World War Three as people took different sides and showed their support for either crunchy or smooth/creamy. There was no middle ground, no quarter given. You either liked one or the other, and no one dared say (out loud anyway) that they liked both!

Interestingly enough this debate has been raging probably since the Aztecs first found a way of grinding roasted peanuts! Well, maybe not quite that long , but certainly as long as we can remember. It has been an ongoing argument for years and one that many foodies take very seriously. An American study actually found that while more people overall prefered smooth/creamy, it was mainly the girls and kids who liked it that way, while guys seem to like it crunchy.

It could just be because smooth or creamy peanut butter is easier to spread and use in recipes like fudge, smoothies and desserts. But if that were the case, you would not hear so many arguments for smooth/creamy peanut butter alleging that eating ‘chunks’ is like drinking unstrained orange juice, or that it causes bits to get stuck in your teeth. We have even heard that some people have real phobias about swallowing ‘the chunks’!

Those who argue for crunchy peanut butter say it has greater texture, and adds far nicer taste to recipes like protein balls, sandwiches, biscuits and muffins. And of course, many of the guys who eat crunchy use the argument that only ‘real men’ eat crunchy peanut butter anyway! 

So what about you folks reading this. Do you eat peanut butter, and if you do, which do you prefer: crunchy or smooth/creamy? Let us know which so we can put this debate to bed once and for all. And just as importantly, let us know why one or the other is your preference?

Can’t wait to see the results!

Living each adventure, 
Christine and Trevor

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The Great Debate: Do you prefer crunchy or smooth peanut butter?

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