Do you have a sugar addiction? Here is how to break it.

Are you addicted to sugar? The scary thing is you may be and not even know it. We consume so much sugar in our daily food and drink that even if you do not physically add a great deal of sugar to your food, you may still be ingesting large amounts of it anyway. Keep reading and we will share our top tips on how to break the cycle and give your body a chance to be sugar-free as it was meant to be.

Make a decision

Like any lifestyle change, the first step is to make the decision to cut back on sugar or cut it out all together. And it’s not just a matter of making a simple statement and doing nothing more. If you are serious about wanting to reduce your sugar intake then you need to be serious in your decision-planning process. That might mean writing it down, cleaning bad food out your house, and  letting others know and gaining their support.

Start reading food labels

You cannot reduce or cut out sugar until you understand all the different names sugar can go under such as Anhydrous dextrose, brown sugar, cane crystals, cane sugar, corn sweetener, corn syrup, corn syrup solids, crystal dextrose and others. We read one account of over 58 names sugar can be added to food under! So become wise when you buy at the shops and start avoiding those processed foods which have these added ingredients.

Go easy on the fruit

We all love fruit but you need to be wise about what types of fruit you are eating and how much. There is little value in going cold turkey from processed sugar but then filling up on cherries, grapes and other fruits with a high sugar content.

Watch those artificial sweeteners

Many people think they are eating better when they consume food or drink with artificial sweeteners such as aspartame, sucralose, saccharine and others. However, many find that all the artificial sweeteners do is increase their need to eat other sweet foods, so you need to be careful not to avoid real sugar to only eat or drink it  in other ways.

Keep a food diary

Every day keep a record of what you eat and drink together with how you are feeling. Be honest and use it as a journal to see your way through to a sugar-free future. Even when you fail or don’t meet your own expectations, be brutally honest so you can learn from it. Learn how to add more protein and good carbs to meals in place of sugar-filled processed foods. Try making your own snacks in place of shop-bought ones. 

Get active

The best way to get your mind off the addiction is to get your mind focussed on something else. Soon your mind will realise that it can replace the false high of sugar with a real high of exercise. Plan a range of exercises to add variety and fun to your life.

Find a way to reward yourself

Whether it is a delicious and healthy dinner with friends, a lovely relaxing bath, or a night out somewhere special, reward yourself as you reach certain milestones along the way.

Living a sugar-free life is possible, and whether you live that way for ever or just reduce your sugar intake, your body will thank you for it in the long run. And if you have any further tips to help others quit sugar, please leave us a comment below. 

Living each adventure, 
Christine and Trevor

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Do you have a sugar addiction? Here is how to break it.

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