Should you get pet insurance?

We all love our pets and treat them as our very own family members. And when they get sick we naturally want the best for them just as we would our own children. An often-advertised product on television is pet insurance to take care of your loved pets when and if they do get sick. But is it worthwhile and should you have it for your pet. Read on for our thoughts and experiences.

As humans we often have our own health insurance to cover sickness. We may also have ambulance cover in case we need to be transported to hospital and we may even have death insurance in case our time is finally up. But when it comes to pets, any kind of health insurance seems to have been overlooked by many folks. When we investigated the possible options and asked around, we were surprised just how few other people had ever bothered to obtain any cover for their pets. So what is it all about, and what’s involved?

Just like private health insurance for humans there are different options available for your pet, from the basic cover only through to the top packages with all the bells and whistles. Depending upon the insurer, the basic package may only cover for accidents, with a maximum amount payable per year, while the top package may cover for accident and illness, and with a larger dollar amount payable per year. Most packages seemed not to cover 100% of the total costs regardless of the package offered. Some policies offered additional discounts for multiple pets being covered, while many gave an option of paying an excess to reduce the premiums.

Initially our thoughts were quite positive, leaving us to think that any level of cover would at least give us peace of mind while allowing us to be able to afford emergency vet care when and if it was needed. With the variety of packages available it seemed like pet insurance was a positive move on our part to ensure we could offer the best health care for our pet. But it wasn’t that easy.

The first thing we discovered was that none we checked covered any pre-existing conditions (or any conditions that developed while we were in the ‘waiting period’). Some did not cover pregnancy or elective procedures, and all that we checked required us to pay the vet up front and then claim the allowable amount back afterwards. Some policies also had breed exclusions to cover specific genetic problems known to occur with those dogs. 

By the time we had finished our research we felt more confused than before we had started! On one hand we felt it was our obligation to do the ‘right thing’ by our pet who was in her mid-life with some physical problems already, and make sure she was adequately covered. But on the other hand we were shocked by what we could now not cover her for, and the fact that we still needed to find the full amount up front if anything happened. After much heartache and decision-making, we finally decided not to insure our little girl. Instead we started putting money aside each week to cover any medical treatments she might require and hope that if anything did happen that we would have the necessary finances required. As it turned out, we think we made the right decision and always seemed to have the money there whenever a trip to the vet was required.

Were we right or wrong in this decision in not purchasing pet insurance? We would love to hear from others who have gone through this process or are going through it now.

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Should you get pet insurance?
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