'KUNDALINI': Our Latest DigitalArt Image

This week our DigitalArt focussed upon the primal energy or ‘Kundalini’ contained within each of us. Believed by some to be located at the base of the spine which is a holy or sacred part of the body, Kundalini is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘coiled up’ or ‘coiled one’. Many religions teach that this feminine life force needs to be awakened through spiritual contemplation, yoga, meditation and enlightenment.

This awakening uses the body’s seven principle energy centres, or ‘Chakras‘ which are located along the length of the spine, starting at the base (or root chakra) and rising upwards, activating each chakra as it rises. Traditionally the root chakra is associated with physical activity and linked to the adrenal system, kidneys, muscles and arterial blood. It is to be expected therefore that this chakra is generally represented as being red in colour and associated with gemstones such as red jasper, garnet and red carnelian.

Thus our image today features a female model backlit against a rock wall. This gives an earthly feel to the image and ties the model to the gemstones mentioned previously which are used to cleanse, balance and activate blocked chakras. You may notice that she has blue eyes, representing the colour which connects us to the Divine, and in Buddhist philosophy is the colour of a clear mind. The model’s head is brightly backlit to represent a sudden rising and releasing of energy through the crown of the head.

As our model was shot in the studio against a plain grey background we needed to overlay her image with several images of red cloth and then ice and snow. This was then blended in to give the impression of red rocks behind her. Her hair and selected parts of the background were then painted and blended in to give the appearance of a backlit photo.

A ‘Mandala’ or spiritual symbol was placed on her upper left arm/shoulder as a tattoo of religious significance. Mandalas are often used to represent the cosmos and balance, and are used by people to create a sacred space as a spiritual aid in meditative rituals. 

Several grunge-type brushes were used to create a dark frame to the photo and some dust particles blowing across the lens. A light blur was used on the model’s skin to give it a softer appearance and a slight watercolour appeal, while her eyes were coloured and brightened. And lastly, the word ‘Kundalini’ was inserted vertically down the left-hand side of the image and reduced in opacity.

We hope you like it, and would love to know your thoughts on this image if you would be so kind as to leave a comment below for us. We love putting our artwork on canvas around the home and our family and friends often comment honestly on it.

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Original model courtesy of PHLEARN. Used with permission.

‘KUNDALINI’: Our Latest DigitalArt Image
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