How to improve your communication skills with your partner

We have written previously about the importance of putting effort into any worthwhile relationship and today we wanted to continue this theme. After receiving so many questions as well as positive comments about our last post, we thought it might be worthwhile answering a few of those questions and sharing how we spend time together to make our relationship work.

Like every married couple we have our own interests that we love to do, but we also make time to do things together so that we can continue to build our relationship and ensure it is loving, supportive, encouraging and healthy.

Some of the low-cost ways we have of spending quality time together and having fun include the following:

  • Go for a pleasant drive while the phones are turned to silent and put into the handbag or backpack
  • Select a nice bottle of wine and using a fun relationship board game or quiz to ask honest, probing questions of each other
  • Buy a DVD we both enjoy, and get in some munchies
  • Play a game together that your partner enjoys so you can spoil them (and then return the favour)
  • Sit by the beach (or river, lake, etc) and talk
  • Have a picnic in the park on a lovely day
  • Use those three magic words throughout the day, “I love you” and mean it
  • Buy a small but special gift for each other. I love flowers while Trevor loves his wine
  • Tell each other your likes/dislikes (and listen well so you know how to please your partner better)
  • Make love (arrange for the kids to sleepover at grandparents or trusted friends) and take time learning what the other person really LIKES! Spend the evening exploring, touching, kissing and making love. You won’t need any ‘50 shades of Gray’ to enjoy this night!
  • Stroll through the shops/malls (Trevor actually hates this, but does it to please me, and I appreciate that)
  • Find a quiet place and talk – about anything. Sometimes we just do this in our garden which we have made into our own quiet retreat
  • Go dancing or out to a club you like
  • Leave notes, poems, or cards around saying how much you love the other person
  • Ban anger, put-downs, and criticism in your relationship for the day
  • Stay home and turn off the TV/computer/smartphones for the night
  • Visit a favourite bookstore (we try to choose one with a café in the store, or close by)
  • Pamper your partner for the night by doing something special, making the night all about them and then return the favour another night
  • Plan a weekend away somewhere you both enjoy
  • Cook a special meal (or arrange for one to be delivered – not just takeaway)
  • Take a slow walk through a beautiful public garden
  • Give your partner a full body massage
  • Go to the movies and take it in turns to choose the type of movie to watch
  • Arrange a horse carriage ride (we did this through Melbourne and felt like royalty!)
  • Watch a beautiful sunset together
  • Go for a hike together
  • Hire a two-person canoe and explore a local waterway
  • Go ice skating.

Just with those simple  ideas above, you could probably have a ‘date night’ with each other once a week for six months. You could spend quality time together, finding out what makes that person tick, what pleases them, and what they dislike. You will discover new ways of pleasing your partner, and better methods of communication. And the big winner will be your relationship which will go from strength to strength.

Are you prepared to give it a try? It could be the best thing you ever did. 

Living each adventure, 
Christine and Trevor

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How to improve your communication skills with your partner
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