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Applied correctly your blush should look like, well, like blush is supposed to, not like the clown at the local circus! If your blush does not brighten and slim your face, then there is a good chance you are either using the wrong product for your face, or applying it incorrectly. Keep reading to see the most common blush mistakes girls make today.

Looking too flushed

Have you ever checked your face after some exercise or just chasing the kids around the house? Your face and especially your cheeks are flushed, and at its core that’s what blush is designed to do, though to a lesser degree. So unless you are going for that unnatural look, check that you are using the right colour for your face, that it is not too light so it can’t been seen, or too dark so you look aged or clown-like.

Applying it incorrectly

Just dabbing it on the apple of your cheeks or putting it too far below the cheekbone is a common mistake which is not flattering in the least. Be sure to brush it along the cheekbone and do so sparingly until you achieve just the right look.

Not blending sufficiently

Remember, you are not a doll, so don’t look like one. Whatever your chosen method of application or the product you finally decide on, blending in well is the key. This will be assisted by not applying it too heavy-handed to begin with and using a lighter touch as you get closer to your temples. And then blend, blend, blend! And if after all that someone still compliments you on your blush, you know it is still not blended subtly enough. All your blush should do is to softly complement the rest of your makeup.

Applying it according to a diagram or tutorial, and not YOUR face shape or skin colour

Always be asking yourself, does this look flattering on MY face? It might look great in a glossy magazine on a supermodel, but if it does not refine and add life to your overall complexion then you need to reevaluate what you are using and how you are applying it.

Using the wrong formula for your skin type

Girls with normal skin might be fine with powder, while dry skin might respond better to a cream blush to look more natural looking. And a gel blush can work great on all skin types, especially those with oily skin. So before settling on just any old blush, ask around, talk to your friends, and above all consider getting some advice from a professional.

Applying powder over a liquid foundation

Some girls seem to get away with it but most makeup artists will prefer applying like-to-like. If not, you may find that applying a powder blush over a liquid foundation will cause steaks, settle into oily areas, and be more difficult to blend.

There you have it. Six simple tips that might just make a big difference in how you apply blush from now on.

If you have any more tips or hacks you would like to share, please feel free to drop us a comment below to share with others.

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Makeup: common blush mistakes you might be making

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