'CONJOINED': Our Latest DigitalArt Image

Today’s DigitalArt image explores the subject of conjoined twins, a very rare occurrence in which identical twins are joined in utero (‘in the womb‘). The most famous we can remember are probably the Bunker brothers born in 1811, who each went on to marry and have children, and lived to the age of 62, dying within hours of each other. We hope you can take the time to explore today’s image and keep reading to find out how it was created.

Since the days of Eng and Chang Bunker, a number of surgical separations have occurred on conjoined twins who were joined in areas where it was considered safe to operate. However, mortality rates are high and surgery is only ever considered after a great deal of medical investigation to determine the feasibility of separation. And of course this is complicated by the various possibilities of where and how the twins are joined, what organs they share and whether they possess their own body parts and limbs. 

In today’s image our female model was shot in the studio, and post processing in Adobe Photoshop was then used to create the desired image. We first needed to duplicate the image to create the effect of a ‘twin’. We have often read of the different personalities many conjoined twins have, and in some cases even have independent control of different limbs, so we wanted our image to reflect a more dominant sister as the initial focus.

So many of us complain about different issues which impact our lives but they seem trivial as you consider two different people learning to work with each other to control a single or joined body. Knowing that they will remain together 24 hours a day, with no privacy or opportunity to be ‘their own person’, do they eventually see their twin as their true and only soul mate, or do they dream of separation, privacy and relationships with other people at any cost?

With that in mind we created the sister closest to us in the brightest light, looking straight ahead as she determines their direction and focus. Her quieter, more submissive sister is more in shadow with eyes downcast. Although being shown in less light we wanted her colour to be stronger, showing a fierce streak of independence that might bubble up occasionally in defiance of her twin.

Like most twins we knew they would share an interest in some subjects and for this image we chose gardening, hence you will see a variety of flowers and plants in the bottom right-hand side of the images as well a reflection of plants upon the twin’s face in front. Like all sisters though we knew there would be challenges to work though and difficulties in their daily lives. Hence the darkened backdrop to the image contains a dense collection of trees, bushes and brambles, and this seriousness is also reflected upon both of their faces.

Above the girls is the word ‘Conjoined‘ which while in large, bold letters, is also faded to reflect the girls opinion of themselves as nothing other than two normal girls living life on their terms and in their way.

To complete the image, a moon shines through the thicket shedding its gentle and loving light upon the sisters, providing a reassurance to them both that all will be well for them in the times ahead. 

We hope you like it, and would love to know your thoughts on this image if you would be so kind as to leave a comment below for us. 

Living each adventure, 
Christine and Trevor

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Original model courtesy of PHLEARN. Used with permission.

‘CONJOINED’: Our Latest DigitalArt Image
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