Why we love Chia Seeds and add them to many of our recipes

We are always on the lookout for new and interesting foods to add to our diet and recipes, and so it is no wonder that we quickly took to Chia Seeds a few years back when we first heard about them. Keep reading to find out why, and what we use them in.

For those who don’t know, Chia Seeds are readily available in most supermarkets and health stores and are easy to digest. They can supposedly be eaten raw, or used in recipes as is our preference. When we first started using them we read that they were packed with essential vitamins and minerals, and were great for our heart, skin, bones, muscles and lots more.

Many commercial bakers and makers of smoothies use them and they have been promoted on TV by many health professionals. So, happily convinced how good they were, we started looking up recipes we could use them in and found a heap on the Internet and in cookbooks. Some required baking but many did not.

  • they are awesome in bread making, both plain, fruit, and banana bread
  • jam and fruit spreads get a real kick from them and a lot of added texture
  • yoghurt, puddings, and homemade ice cream are delightful with it included
  • we have heard of it being included in dog food but can’t vouch for this (and don’t suggest people try it before consulting with their vet)
  • muffins, muesli bars and just about any homemade snack will benefit from it
  • and what about using them in a homemade exfoliating scrub

Because of the massive amounts of nutrients released, you don’t normally need a large amount of Chia Seeds in a recipe, and may only use one or two tablespoons in a muffin mix or on your morning yoghurt. Just like any recipe though, the amount you add is a really a personal preference and we have added up to half a cup in some breads and we just love the taste and texture they add. And being full of protein and antioxidants, we never hesitate about including them wherever we can.

Now of course there are often two sides to any story and we did hear a while ago of a guy who was admitted to hospital after eating Chia Seeds. However in his case, he allegedly swallowed a mouthful of dry chia seeds and then swallowed a glass of water. Apparently as we heard it, the water caused the seeds to swell up in his esophagus causing difficulty in breathing.

The story did mention that this patient had other health issues which caused breathing troubles normally, but it is worth noting that when consuming any food you should always know what you can and cannot safely eat. And always stick to recipes from reputable sources, don’t just experiment and see what happens if you swallow it! And if in doubt seek the advice from a health professional.

We have included a few yummy recipes in the past in which we used Chia Seeds in case you would like to try them. If you do, please leave us a comments below to let us know what you think.

Plus, we have included a special link to very comprehensive post titled, How to Make Nutrition-Boosting Chia Smoothies, that is worth checking out too. It gives a great run down on what Chia Seeds are, their nutritional health benefits, and a lot more, so pop over to there and meet the team at EasyHealthySmoothie.com as well.

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Why we love Chia Seeds and add them to many of our recipes

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