How to teach your kids to brush their teeth

We all  want our kids to grow up with strong healthy teeth, but just how much effort do you as a parent put in every day to ensure they clean them properly and regularly? Well, keep reading for some great tips on how to make that process a lot easier.

Did you know that dentists report that nearly half of all kids entering kindergarten already have cavities and reflect poor dental hygiene? As parents we believe we need to do more to give our kids the best start in life they can get, and that includes their teeth. They will take up to three years to get all their baby teeth, and then lose them by the time they turn 12 as they receive their full set of adult teeth. With that in mind give some thought to the following:

Schedule their first dental visit around the time of their first birthday

This is a great opportunity to start acquainting your child with your dentist to allay any fear they may have. While they are there the dentists can get to know your child’s mouth, keep an eye on future teeth formation, and give some great advice.

Start gently brushing as soon as that first tooth appears

This is a great time to start using a gentle brush with no toothpaste and start instructing the child on the need to clean teeth and how to do it. Kids learn by watching and repetition and even if you don’t think they are paying attention, they are.

Let them watch you brush your teeth

As mentioned above, your kids will love copying you and what better way to show them and make it into a little game. Bring in their favourite toys to hold their brush or find a little doll with teeth they can practise on as well. They will soon be like the in-house dental experts!

Follow your dentist’s advice on how they should brush and how often.

They will also be able to provide the appropriate toothbrushes and toothpaste for your child’s age and teeth development.

Check the internet for professional brushing techniques

The wide world web is a big place full of advice (not all great admittedly!). Find the professional sites that ring true and see if their strategies can work with you and your children,

Do it right and your children will thank you later on for the time and care you took in helping them get through life with a good, strong set of healthy teeth.

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How to teach your kids to brush their teeth
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