'TEMPTRESS': Our Latest DigitalArt Image

In today’s DigitalArt image we wanted to explore the subject of relationships, and especially what happens when that relationship is affected by the entry of a third person. We hope you like it and take time to explore the image to discover how and why it was created in the way it was.

Starting off with a ‘blank canvas’, we photographed some wedding rings and created an artistic ‘water paint’-type feel to the image. Overlaying this we created a sort of grunge border and added some white edging to it.

A number of cement and rough paint textures were then overlaid to give it a warmer colouration, and remove any feel of it being shot in a studio light box. Into the larger of the two wedding rings we added the ‘temptress’. This placement felt right, as any intrusion into that relationship would cause strain on each partner as the third person became the centre of that relationship for a time.

Several dark coloured strains occur throughout the image to reflect purity leaving the relationship by the staining of that first love. This is given special emphasis by the butterfly in the top right, departing the scene. Butterflies are often seen to represent life and change. But they also symbolize hope and endurance, and so it reminds us that perhaps all is not as bad as it first seems. This is confirmed by the new light peeking out under the wedding ring. A new day may bring fresh hope and opportunities for this relationship yet. And note that the word ‘Temptress’ is itself constructed of insecure letters which appear to be almost blowing away.

While we do not as yet know the end result for this relationship, we note that just as the two wedding rings are still connected in this image, that just perhaps, the original partners will find the strength and resolve to work through their issues and discover that love indeed is a bond stronger than life itself. 

We hope you like it, and would love to know your thoughts on this image if you would be so kind as to leave a comment below for us. 

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‘TEMPTRESS’: Our Latest DigitalArt Image

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