Nutrition: how to choose healthier food alternatives for your family

When you plan your shopping for next week, why not consider looking at what you normally buy and see if there are not some healthier alternatives available to you? If you are interested, then keep reading for a some great tips.

Whenever we look for alternatives, we never sacrifice flavour

Instead of using processed wheat in your baking try a gluten-free option or swap it for quinoa. Our favourite is ‘LSA’ which is a combination of  ground linseed, sunflower seeds and almonds. It is a real superfood and with some added chia seeds it makes for a great tasting option, and in our opinion is far healthier than processed flour.

Swap high-fat foods for those with lower amounts of fat

Get rid of the whole milk in your diet and replace it with one of the reduced fat, low-fat or skim milk options. Depending upon the brand you buy you probably won’t notice any significant difference. If you do, try another brand until you find one you are happy with.

Toss out those sugar-coated breakfast cereals

Try some of the far healthier porridge or a wholegrain wheat breakfast cereal options that has no added sugar. Add some low-fat milk and a serve of fresh fruit and you have the breakfast of champions!

Give up the fast food french fries for better options

You can cut up your own sweet potatoes and oven fry them on some baking paper or look around for the healthier fries from companies who cut back on the fat and salt.

Did you know you can replace pasta with zucchini?

Try using some thinly cut strips of zucchini and saute them in a pan until soft and then add your meat and veggies.

Avoid many of the processed sliced and minced meats and make your own

It takes next to nothing to buy a piece of meat (such as a leg of lamb or roast beef) and after enjoying a nice meal from it, slice or mince the remainder for another meal. It tastes great and is healthy for you.

Throw the cooking oil or margarine away when cooking

Many of us cook with oil just because we have always done it that way. The truth is our foods can be far healthier for us if we leave that oil or margarine on the supermarket shelf and just pat the meat or fish dry and cook it in a dry pan or on the grill. 

Make your own muffins and treats

If you love a morning coffee and muffin, don’t buy the shop ones. Make your own using healthier ingredients at home. They will still taste delicious and be far better for you.

Read the food labels

Whether you are buying muesli bars, peanut butter or frozen foods, there are always healthier alternatives which will often contain less sodium, fat, sugar and other nasties. The time spent learning food labels will be well spent.

Swap that fruity yoghurt for a plain yoghurt and add your own fruit

A tiny change that can make a big difference healthwise.

Ten small food swaps folks which can assist you and your family live a healthier and more satisfying life. Try some and let us know what you think below. 

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Nutrition: how to choose healthier food alternatives for your family

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