Beauty tips for busy moms at home

When you are a busy mom with little ones demanding almost every minute of your attention, just how do you find time to still look your best? Well, keep reading for some great tips on how to look beautiful even when you are busy.

  1. Do you drink green tea (you should, you know!). Not only are they a great way to get some healthy antioxidants into your system but they can be great for reducing puffiness under your eyes! After you have brewed your bag, let it sit to cool completely down, and then when you can grab a few minutes, squeeze the excess water out and place it on your closed eyes. They will feel great and the caffeine in the bags will help improve your circulation.
  2. If you are busy running the house or juggling work and kids you probably wont have time to style long hair every day. Why not use the occasion to change to a shorter, stylish hairstyle that is short enough to air-dry, but with enough length you can put it back into a ponytail when needed.
  3. Unruly eyebrows can be quickly tamed with some lip balm and a toothbrush. Simply place a little balm on those brows and brush upwards with a clean toothbrush for great control.
  4. Invest in a great concealer. Banish those dark circles under your eyes with the best you can buy. Ask around and find out what other moms use so you don’t waste money buying something expensive but useless.
  5. Keep your nails short and given them a coat of clear or nude polish. It takes next to no time to keep them trimmed while baby is napping and they still look great.
  6. Think about getting your eyelashes permed and tinted. It will save bucket-loads of time and you won’t need to apply mascara for several months.
  7. Use a shimmery gloss on your lips to keep them looking great with minimum effort.
  8. Did you know you can cover any sudden grey hairs with some eyeshadow? Choose the shade closest to your hair colour and dab some on using an eyeshadow brush to hide the grey hairs temporarily.
  9. If you are running out of time to apply foundation or makeup generally, buy some good quality tinted moisturizer. It will keep your skin looking great and healthy.
  10. A busy mom rarely has time to be fashion conscious, so do yourself a favour and plan your clothing in terms of what can easily go with what. Coordinate your wardrobe so in a moments notice you can grab a skirt and top from one section and feel comfortable you are not rushing out the house looking like a disaster!

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Beauty tips for busy moms at home

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