Coconut oil - is it good for horses and other pets?

Many of us use coconut oil in the kitchen at home and even perhaps for our beauty and makeup. But did you know you can also use it in many cases for your pet, including horses? Keep reading to find out more.

Anyone who has used coconut oil can generally vouch for its benefits but if you are considering giving some to your horse or using some in grooming, we always suggest you speak first to your vet to get their take on it and have their approval to proceed. That said, we know it has worked wonders with our pets and know of many others who swear by it and use it regularly in their stables.

But what benefits does coconut oil have?

Improved gut health

Coconut oil is well-known for assisting the gut in digesting food and absorbing energy. People have especially mentioned its value when ulcers are concerned or when the animal is on a grain-fed diet.

It is less likely to go rancid like some oils used in feed

We all need fatty acids in our diet but you need to be sure to add the correct ones. If you are adding it to feed, coconut oil is less likely to go rancid and is absorbed quickly.

Disguising medicines

Because it smells and tastes so nice to horses, coconut oil is a great medium for disguising medicines, especially if the horse is a picky eater.

Conditioning for mane, tail and coat

Coconut oil is easily absorbed into the skin and hair and makes for an awesome conditioner


While we would be hesitant to base the use of coconut oil on the aspect of performance alone, we have heard from others who claim that because the body absorbs it so much faster than other fats, it provide greater fuel and endurance when needed.

Wound care

Coconut oil is ideal for applying to small cuts to minimise infection, as well as for insect bites, hoof care, and as an all-in-one first aid kit against infection, itchy skin, and mud fever.

General grooming

As a grooming spray, coconut oil is great for getting rid of tangles, and working through tails and manes in no time short. 

Chapped hands (yours!)

When working outdoors all the time, chapped hands seem to be almost part of horse care. However by using coconut oil regularly on your horse you will, by default absorb some into your own hands and it works wonders in keeping your own skin soft and supple.

Do you have any more uses of coconut oil with your horse? Feel free to leave us a comment below to share with others. 

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Coconut oil – is it good for horses and other pets?
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