Success - what is it and how do you get it?

However you personally define success, you will probably find your definition to be different to that given by your partner, neighbour, friend or work colleague. In fact even dictionaries tend to give a rather wide collection of terms that tell us vaguely what success is. So keep reading as we try to tackle this subject in greater detail.

When I was going through some training a few years back the subject of success at home and work came up. I still remember words being used like:

  • achieving an outcome
  • some degree of achievement
  • attaining wealth
  • giving your best
  • achieving power
  • having a place you want to go home to.

Certainly our class discussion during that time confirmed that everyone seemed to have a different opinion of what success to them meant. And I think it is a safe bet that no matter what final statement I could make here as what I think defines success, a hundred people could leave a comment saying they disagree with me. So rather than come up with a vague definition on what success might be, I think it better to give some tips of what I have found has worked in my life and how each of those things has assisted me in finding success along the way. See if you agree.

Invest in yourself first

One of the earliest pieces of advice I ever received was to ensure that I spend time, money and effort in improving who I was. That might include doing more training, reading better books, hanging out with people who would motivate me, improving my skill base, and so on. Only then could I grow as a person and take on the world.

Enjoy the journey

This is such a powerful but frequently understood statement. You can work 24 hours a day to achieve your goals, but if your marriage crumbles, your kids hate you, you lose all your friends, and you get sick, any success is not going to be enjoyed. So no matter what you do, build time into your life to enjoy the journey.

Think and dream big

If you don’t think you can do something, it has been said that you are probably correct. Likewise if you think you can, then you probably will. How we think and dream is very important in how we move through life. We can be champions or victims. We can pursue success or live in fear. We are what we think, and so we need to believe that we can achieve all that we set out to achieve. An old saying reminds us that if we aim for the moon but only hit the stars, we are still better off than someone aiming at the gutter and achieving it.

Understand the difference between want and need

You may want a big house on the best street, but what you really need is to get a second job to fix up the leaky roof in the house you currently own. What you want is to travel the world and never work another day in your life, but you really need to get back to college and earn that qualification. Dream big by all means as we said previously, but make sure you are setting proper goals along the way so that you achieve your milestones, and not live in a dream which will never happen.

Get rid of all bad habits and self-destructive patterns as soon as you can

These will really hold you back and pull you down along the way. You might need to get some professional advice to achieve this but please do it, and get it done quickly. You might need to let go of some relationships, close that betting account, stop eating junk food, unplug from the porn, sell that second beat-up old car your late father left you, or move to a better neighbourhood. Whatever it is that is holding you back has to go. The longer you debate it, the more it will pull you down, so get rid of it and move on.

Five simple, but very powerful tools which can help you find your definition of success, whatever that may be. If it helped, please leave us a comment, and if you have any further tips, share them below so others can benefit from them.

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Success – what is it and how do you get it?

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