:Top tips when planning a road trip through Italy

If you are planning a road trip through Italy, there are a number of very important considerations to decide upon at the planning stage before you even plan where that road trip will take you. Keep reading for some top tips on planning a road trip through this beautiful part of Europe.

Are you going to Italy to soak up the history and see the monuments, or planning to just soak up the wine as you take in all the food and vino across the countryside? Whatever your reasons for going, our friends at Auto Europe have done all the hard work for you by giving the low-down on the best six road trips to take in Italy. Have a read through the first three today and decide which might be best for you (or you may just fall in love with Italy and do them all!). Next week, we will follow up with the final three terrific options.

Amalfi Coast Road Trip:

Naples to Salerno

Naples to Salerno: Book your car rental from Naples and set off on the cultural and scenic holiday of a lifetime. See the well-known ruins at Pompeii and the amazing Mount Vesuvius. There are so many things to see and do in Naples that you may just want to spend some extra time there checking them all out. As you head south you might want to  soak in the Tyrrhenian Sea and stay overnight in a Sorrento hotel. Take your camera to snap some photos from the cliffs of the Sorrento Peninsula as you enjoy one of the most scenic drives in the world. As you arrive in Salerno  you will want to allow more time to take in all the sights and sounds on this stunning city to end out this road trip.

The Hills of Sabina:

The Hills of Sabina

Rome to Terni: Make sure you allow lots of time to explore Rome – one of the great cities of Europe, and see everything from the Trevi Fountain to the Colosseum. Once you have had your fill of all those magnificent museums it’s time to head north into the rolling hills of Rieti. Take in the wonderful scenery, tasting some of the world’s finest olives as you go. After all that food and wine, you might like to climb Mount Terminillo and then set out towards the Apennine Range in the heart of Italy. Check out the mountain town of Leonessa (tasting their very special potatoes), and then move on to the village of Amatrice where you can explore the pristine wilderness of their natural reserves. While there, enjoy a lovely drive around Lake Campotosto before checking out the archeological ruins of L’Aquila. Before you know it you have reached your final destination at Terni.

Tyrol and Stelvio’s Pass Road Trip

Bolzano to Livigno

Bolzano to Livigno: Start your journey in the cultural mountaineering hub of Bolzano. This is the capital city of Italy’s South Tyrol region. Here you will be able to check out some of the world’s greatest museums, markets, and galleries. Take in all the charming Alpine culture before driving along the Adige River with its never-ending vineyards, and stunning bluffs and cliffs. Stop off at in Merano or Prato allo Stelvio before driving through the incredible hairpin turns of Stelvio’s pass, and pristine wilderness of Stelvio National Park. Lastly, check out the winter wonderlands of Bormio and Livigno to end your stunning trip through Alto Adige.

And if you need any help with car rental, touring maps, or information on what to see or where to stay, please get in touch with our good friends at Auto Europe for the very best advice and assistance in planning your Italian road trip. And check back next week for part two.

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