Why you need to turn the TV off and spend time with your kids

Have you ever wondered how much one-on-one time you really spend with your children each week?

We all think we spend a lot of time with them, but our challenge to you this week is to keep a log of just how much time you really do spend with them. And keep reading to find out why.

For most parents today life seems to rush by in a blur. From the moment you hear the kids shouting at each other at 5 in the morning, through the routines of school, homework, sports, chores, TV, bath and bed, you seem hardly able to catch your breath before you get a little time to grab a glass of wine and have a chat to your partner before you fall exhausted into bed, and start all over again the next day.

As you progressed through that day you probably spoke to the kids as you got them out of bed and dressed, fed them breakfast and took them to school. And no double there was some more conversation after school, when the TV ads came on, and at bed. But if you were asked, just how much of that could be classed as quality one-on-one time with them where you spoke with them?

If you ask any health professional they will all tell you that your children need you to spend meaningful time with them where they can talk with you, observe you, learn from you, understand how you do what you do and why, how you interact with others, and overcome challenges. That doesn’t necessarily mean spending four hours every Saturday at the park, though that would be great. It’s about the time you spend together each day where you allow them to engage with you and you not being the parent and talking at them.

This might be in the car coming home from school, as you are repairing the broken bookshelf, making those pancakes, changing the car tyre, going for a walk,  working in the garden, taking the bikes out for a ride, or reading a book before bed. There are a multitude of activities you get involved in as an adult and it is too easy to shut the kids out, thinking it is quicker if you just get on and do it yourself. Every time you begin to think this, you need to catch yourself and see whether it is not a great way to bond with your kids where you can work on it together while they chat away and love spending time with you. 

By deliberately keeping a log of the time you spend with your children for just one week, you might suddenly realise how little quality time you do have with them. And once you are aware of just how easy it is to spend time with them each day, you might suddenly find the level of conversation between you has increased, the chores are done without complaint, and the overall happiness of the family has improved. Why not try it this week and let us know how you go.

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Why you need to turn the TV off and spend time with your kids
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