Top tips when planning a road trip through Italy Part 2

Last week we shared the first three awesome road trips you can enjoy if travelling to Italy. Keep reading for three more top tips on planning a road trip through this beautiful part of Europe.

Tuscany Road Trip:

Tuscany Road Trip

Casentino Valley: Florence to Camaldoli:

Beginning your road trip in Florence, you will want to allow plenty of time to explore the museums, restaurants and landmarks before driving westward through the beautiful countryside and towns like Pontassieve, Stia, Londa, and Poppi, taking the opportunity to soak up all the beauty around you. Taste the local delicacies, the variety of Tuscan dishes, local wines and fresh produce.  And explore some of the most stunning castles in Italy before finally arriving at Camaldoli.

Veneto-Lake Garda Road Trip:

Veneto-Lake Garda Road Trip

Verona to Trento:

This particular road trip will take you on one of the most stunning journeys in the world, travelling along a lovely highway as it winds through tunnels and atop coastal cliffs with lovely views of the lake and Alpine mountains. There are great opportunities for activities, sightseeing, and adventures all along this trip, and by driving you can see the best attractions, not always seen by tourist coaches. Finish off your road trip with a visit to Trento and see why traveling in the comfort of your own hire vehicle is the best way to see this part of the country.

The Coast of Sicily Road Trip:

The Coast of Sicily

Catania to Messina:

Leaving the Catania-Fontanarossa Airport, you will start on the road trip of a lifetime. Greek mythology will come alive for you in Catania and its neighboring towns along the Cyclops Coast – finally discover  the truth about why the Ancient Greeks believed what they did about these one-eyed giants of Sicily. Enjoy a hike up Mount Etna, the tallest active volcano in Europe. Visit Taormina or relax on the beautiful beach at Isola Bella. And check out the architecture of the region around the city of Messina. Driving  your own rental car in Sicily will give you the opportunity you have been seeking to explore this wonderful, mythical location at your own pace.

And if you need any help with car rental, touring maps, or information on what to see or where to stay, please get in touch with our good friends at Auto Europe for the very best advice and assistance in planning your Italian road trip.

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Top tips when planning a road trip through Italy – Part 2
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