Why your dog may be just like you

Have you ever noticed how similar your pet is to you personality-wise?

Well, there is now evidence that pets may actually ‘mirror’ the personalities of their owners. Really! Keep reading to find out more.

A scientific study conducted by the University of Vienna found that pets are able to recognise the emotions of their owners, and may even duplicate the same emotions! So if you are feeling anxious and worried, or happy and friendly, your dog or other pet may in fact be able to pick up on those feelings, and by mirroring them back to their owners, be able in some way to better relate and even calm or be happy with their owners.

The university found that dogs are accustomed to being around others, and because they have been with humans for over 30,000 years they are adept at understanding stress and other emotions in the other, and may be able to affect how their human deals with that stress or works through that emotional state.

Have you noticed this in your own dog or pet?

We have seen this particularly if we are feeling sick or sad and curled up on the lounge or bed. In almost every instance our pet was right there alongside of us to give comfort and relax with us. At other times when we were excited or anxious, it does seem that our pets have picked up on our feelings and become more alert and excitable themselves.

We would love to hear from others who may have experienced this, so please leave a comment below if this has happened to you too.

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Why your dog may be just like you
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