'WHITE WALKER': Our Latest DigitalArt Image

Today’s DigitalArt was a play at attempting to create a humanoid-type creature as seen at the HBO ‘Game of Thrones‘ television series.

The White Walkers in the show are believed to be an otherworldly ancient race of ice creatures originating from the far north of Westeros. We hope you can take the time to enjoy our image and leave us your thoughts afterwards.

Unlike the White Walkers of the TV series, our image intentionally does not have their piercing blue eyes, and perhaps looks more ‘goblin-ish’ in their overall appearance. Like George R. R. Martin’s creation, ours too has a fear of fire which we used to influence the lighting in this image. While a night-time snowstorm rages around him, our creature is little worried by the weather and seems more intent on watching something slightly off to its left (camera right). We can suppose a group from the famed ‘Night’s Watch‘ might be gathered around a warm fire hoping to ward off the cold chills (and anything else which might come their way in the dark).

Our creature was created from scratch using the head of a teddy bear on a lower layer in Photoshop to get some basic shape! Brushes of various colours and sizes were used in giving it a face, and multiple layers of texture were applied to provide contrast and skin texture. Brushwork was also used to create a snowstorm and a semi white/black grunge edging. We thought some frozen hair and beard also gave the creature more of a traditional White Walker appeal.

Colour was added, as were small lights throughout the rear and side of the image to give the impression of a fire, floating embers,  and the subsequent coloured glow upon his face. Finally some white transparent text was added to the bottom of the image and the finish art placed within a frame

We hope you like it, and would love to know your thoughts on this image if you would be so kind as to leave a comment below for us. 

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‘WHITE WALKER’: Our Latest DigitalArt Image
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