Take your children's photos now to create a lifetime of memories

If you have young children at home you may wish at times they could stay that way forever.

So cute and lovable, and every day brings a new and exciting discovery that will amaze and intrigue them. So keep reading to find out why we recommend taking lots of photos now to create a lifetime of memories.

Yeah, I know that there are some days you wish they would hurry up and leave home, but those days hopefully are few and in the minority, compared to the lovely days where you see them as beautiful creatures from heaven that you created and have brought into this world.

And you just want to hold them tight at those moments and kiss them until they wriggle free for something more important!

But sadly, they will grow up and find their own path in life to pursue as adults.

They will eventually move out of home, create their own family and perhaps even move away to improve their career prospects or to be nearer to their partners family.

As parents, you have little control over future events, and there may come a come where all you have are fleeting memories of the time you spent together.

But one way in which you can help to keep those memories alive is through photos you have taken over the years.

They may be serious class photos, funny photos from around the home, or reflective photos where you are holding them and hoping those days will never end. Each photograph will help you recall certain dates, events, and even conversations.

While the actual memory itself may fade in time, a look at a photo will quickly restore that memory in an instant and have you smiling or laughing in no time.

It might be a photo of your son sitting in a cardboard box, your daughter putting a bucket on her head, your kids running through the garden sprinkler, you and your child sitting at the park watching the river flow, a family get-together for a birthday party, or one of your kids receiving an award at school.

And not just a photo you put on Facebook or some other social media channel you have little control over or ownership of. A real photo that you can keep for ever.

Whatever the occasion, why not take a photo this week and store it away for later!

It may mean the world to you in a few years time.

Living each adventure, 
Christine and Trevor

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Take your children’s photos now to create a lifetime of memories
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