Makeup - applying eyeliner like a pro

Do you suck at applying eyeliner, or do you just wish you could get it to last longer? Well, keeping reading as we have some top tips to help you out today, so you too can apply eyeliner like a pro!

Use the right makeup for your face and the job you want it to do

Eyeliner should draw attention to your eyes for all the right reasons. Put it on wrong, or use the incorrect type for your face or look, and that attention will be for all the wrong reasons. Kohl pencils are great for around the eyes with their smooth texture and goes on easily. Some don’t like pencil eyeliners because they are not as smooth as other options available. If you want to go more for the smokey eye look, try a liquid eyeliner which goes on with more precision, while gel liners glide on more easily and give you longer to blend as they don’t dry too quickly.

Keep an eye pencil sharpener in your makeup kit

Applying eyeliner is a precise job so you don’t want to be using a blunt or flat tip. Keep it nice and sharp so you can put the makeup exactly where you want it, and nowhere else.

If using a liquid eyeliner – shake it well first

Just make sure the lid is on tight first and then ensure the contents are well mixed before removing the brush. If you have too much on the brush you can wipe the excess off on the inside of the bottle lid.

Support your elbow on the table

If you have anything less than a very steady hand, you might find you can do a more accurate job by steadying your elbow on a table before applying the eyeliner. A shaky hand does not help one bit when doing this intricate job.

Don’t apply coloured eyeliner to the entire eye

Unless you are going for this particular look, just apply it to the upper (or lower) lid to add some pop to the eye.

Keep in mind that different colours will have  different effects

If you are going for that bold look, black is your best friend, whereas white on the lower waterline will make your eyes bigger. Grey can make your eyes look softer, while purple can make them pop and look trendy.

To get a perfect line, use a pencil followed by liquid

Only you know the look you are going for and some girls have trouble getting a perfect line with a liquid eyeliner. So if you have time and it troubles you, apply a pencil line first and then carefully apply the liquid liner.

Remember that liquid eyeliner takes longer to dry

If you are in a rush you might want to look at options other than liquid. If you do use it, don’t hurry to open your eye too quickly or you may smudge it. Many girls prefer not to use liquid on the lower lid, instead using a waterproof pencil that will last longer during the day.

If using liquid eyeliner, start off with dots

Especially when first starting off with liquid, this will prevent you applying too much and will help with accuracy. Once the dots are in place, just connect them up.

Get your pencil to the right temperature before using it

If your pencil eyeliner is too cold and hard to the touch, warm it up a little before using and try a little on your wrist first. If it is too warm and soft, a few minutes in the fridge or freezer will do the trick and also stop it crumbling on you.

As always, if you have any queries about the right product to use for your skin or hair type, we strongly suggest you seek professional assistance so as to look the very best you can.

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Makeup: applying eyeliner like a pro

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