Tips when visiting Stonehenge in England

Visiting historical monuments around the world is always an exciting experience for first-time travellers. But when going, it is wise to travel smartly and do your research before going, so as to get the most from your experience. Keep reading for our top tips on visiting the amazing Stonehenge in England.

Work out the best way to get there

If you hate driving in strange cities you may not want to navigate the London traffic to find your way to Salisbury on a two to three-hour road trip. An easier way is to catch the train to Salisbury and then hop on the Stonehenge tour bus. Or if you want to take the bus all the way, there are many half-day bus trips out of London or Bath for very good prices.

Check out the opening times and prices

Don’t just turn up and hope to gain access, especially in peak holiday periods. Book online in advance so you know you can get in on the day you visit, and see all you want to on the day and time of your choosing. And if you are interested in the history behind Stonehenge, be sure to pay a little extra for the audio guide.

Buy a national Trust Touring Pass

If you’re travelling to the UK, consider buying a touring pass and enjoy free entry to over 300 houses and gardens, including Stonehenge (you will still need to book in advance though).

Leave your dog at home

Stonehenge is not ‘dog-friendly’, so just in case you were thinking of visiting with your ‘fur baby’, don’t! They are not allowed on the shuttle buses or at Stonehenge.

Take a good camera if you want decent photos

On the day we visited for this shot, our DSLR camera battery pack had packed up and we had to use our standard carry camera. And as you can see, the shot was not the best. Because you actually can’t go right up to the stones, you will find either you are trying to take shots from some distance off, surrounded by thousands of people, or being  jostled as you walk around. Go prepared for those challenges, take extra batteries, and take the best camera you can, that will allow you to get both close up and distance shots of high quality.

Go prepared for the weather

The Salisbury Plain is flat and very open. All you need is a cool, windy day and the area can be freezing cold. So do yourself a favour and throw a jacket in your backpack if you think you might need it.

The best shots are at the end of the day

Catch the sun going down behind the stones for a spectacular shot you will remember for years to come. Allow plenty of time if you can to wander around and enjoy the stones, and then walk further away to plan your shot as the sun goes down. 

Visit during the Winter or Summer Solstices for free admission

If you don’t mind the crowds (and I mean BIG crowds), then consider a trip in late June and late December. On these two occasions, everyone is free to gather at the stones and witness the sunset and sunrise. You will meet an interesting bunch of pagans, druids, and other visitors just like yourself. If going, plan your trip and get there VERY early to beat the 30,000+ crowd.

Do you have any other tips for people visiting Stonehenge? if you please, please leave a comment below to share with others. 

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Tips when visiting Stonehenge in England
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