10 superfoods to boost your energy today

One reason so many people buy unhealthy processed foods from the shop is because they think it is too hard to make their own healthier options. And yet the opposite is true. Once you know what ingredients to buy you will be amazed how easy it is to make nutritious, energy-packed and yummy food at home in no time at all. Keep reading to find out about 10 superfoods you can buy to boost your energy today.

Chia Seeds

One of our favourites for including in just about every recipe we make. A couple of tablespoons adds a sweet nutty flavour to everything from muffins to yogurt and it tastes great.


Thought by many to be the world’s healthiest food, these nuts can be eaten whole or chopped and crushed for many recipes including protein balls and fruit cake.

Raw Cacao

You have probably heard that dark chocolate is good for you. Well, head to the shops and buy some raw, unrefined cacao to include in a bunch of chocolate recipes from milkshakes to chocolate slices that you will love and know they are good for you too.


Have you ever wondered why our ancestors used to eat so much porridge for breakfast? It is because oats are full of vitamins, minerals and fibre which keep you going all day. They can also be included in recipes for cookies, casseroles and salads.


The old ‘apple a day’ saying has much going for it because they are so good for you at so many levels. Packed with vitamins they will give you a real boost as a mid morning or afternoon snack, or included in many recipes as slices, chopped fruit, or even apple sauce.


One of our favourites for including in a bowl or fresh fruit salad, as well as including in many recipes in place of dried fruit. They taste great and a few berries go a long way.

Goji Berries

These are one that not many people have tried, and yet they are readily available in most supermarkets and are great in smoothies, trail mix and any recipe requiring fruit.


This is one we all know about, and yet many still do not eat them as as regular part of their diet. We eat them whole, as well as mash and chop them for many recipes including muffins, bread and even healthy chocolate slices.


Another one of those foods which ‘experts’ love one day and hate the next. We have always included them in our diet and love them cooked, in salads, and used in many of our recipes to bind food and add some additional liquid.

MACA Powder

Have you even heard of this one? You can get many varieties in the supermarket and health stores. We have found that some organic varieties tend to have a stronger aroma, but once in a recipe they are hardly noticeable and a real punch energy-wise. They are also alleged to be great for many illnesses too. We use it in energy balls, smoothies and desserts.

So, next time you go shopping, why don’t you try going prepared with a new shopping list where you buy less of the processed food and try making more of your own using some of the above superfoods. You will be doing your family a big favour, you may find you have a lot more energy, and will probably have all your friends queuing up for your recipes too once they taste your yummy treats.

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Christine and Trevor

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10 superfoods to boost your energy today

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