Why you cat is often aloof

If you have ever owned a cat, or if you have friends who do, you probably fall into one of two camps: the first is of the firm opinion that cats are very aloof and really don’t care for humans.

The second group however will firmly dispute that, declaring that they get far more love and affection from their cat than they ever do from their dog. So which is it? Are cats aloof or not? Well, keep reading for our take on this furry problem!

If we take this conversation back many, many years to the point when both cats and dogs were wild and depended upon what they caught to survive, we can get an inkling of how the two animals have taken different paths into domestication.

The dog readily became ‘man’s best friend’ and easily settled into a home life with humans, where he became almost fully dependant upon man for his food and shelter, and enjoying daily interactions with their human family.

Cats however, retained something of their wild side and still today many seem to live a semi-independent life where for good or bad, they will travel where they wish, hunt whatever they choose, and only return to their domesticated home when they want to.

She may like her own privacy, and often lead their own independent life within the family home. And yet, many cat owners declare they have enjoyed a closer relationship with their cat than they ever have with their dog.

Now of course there is always a problem when one attempts to generalize and we know of dogs who would happily chase down prey and spend time away from humans, just as there are cats who love to stay indoors, totally dependant upon their human companions for all their needs.

But perhaps we can better understand any apparent aloofness cats may have by simply recognising that unlike dogs, they have allowed themselves to become partially domesticated for the benefits that they chose to receive.

From that first handful of corn from a friendly farmer, to the offer of shelter during a storm, and subsequently a place to call home.

Perhaps our cats are just reminding us who is really in charge! What do you think?

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Why your cat is often aloof
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