Should your daughter play football, or your son play netball?

In recent times in Australia, and around the world we are starting to see certain gender barriers start to come down as girls play football and become involved in other traditionally ‘male only’ sports. But should they be playing ‘guys sports’ at all, or sticking to the traditional female sports such as netball and others like it? Keep reading for our thoughts on the matter.

Being parents of two adult women, an adult son, and many grandchildren of both sexes, we think it qualifies us to make this statement on the whole matter of gender. No matter what concept you have of manhood, womanhood, or girls, and boys, having a son should be no different to having a daughter. Whether we are talking babies, infants, adolescents, or teenagers, we believe we do our children a disservice if we try to determine their upbringing according to their gender.

Girls may choose to wear different types of clothes to boys if they so wish. And as they grow and develop, some may take an interest in a variety of different sports and activities, but at the end of the day, they should not be raised any differently, or have limits placed upon what they can or can’t do as girls. Just because they are a boy or a girl does not mean that he or she needs to be treated any differently. Their gender should not determine their social status, limit their choice of occupation, or restrict them to playing certain sports.

In some cases, boys may be more active and inquisitive about life at an earlier age than girls, but that of itself is no reason to make special allowances that would not be made for girls. Should you take boys camping and not girls? No! Should you only take boys fishing, skiing, climbing, hiking, bike riding, and all the other outdoor-type activities? Again we say No! Should you refrain from any normal family or sporting activity because you have a girl? Of course not!

Regardless of their sex, all children should be given the opportunity to experience life to the fullest, and never be restricted by their gender. If later on, your teenage daughter prefers to spend time with friends instead of going canoeing, so be it, but is it any different to your son staying home to work on his car? Likewise if your daughter takes an interest in kicking the ball around with her brothers, and later wants to join a footy team and pursue it as a career, she should be able to.

Please, let it be their choice, not something determined for them by well-meaning parents. Each of our children has different talents and gifts to their siblings, and our role as parents is to encourage and support them in their choices, not hold them back in life.

You may not always understand the choices your children make, or why they do the things they do, just as they will not always understand you. That’s fine too, because there will come a time when something clicks and things in life suddenly make sense. One day as you watch your child excel in their chosen sport or career you will be glad you gave them the support they needed at the time and encouraged them to try their hardest, whatever their passion.

So let your boys and girls be proud of who they are and whatever gender they are. And equally proud of their parents who never held them back in anything they wanted to achieve in life.

Living each adventure, 
Christine and Trevor

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Should your daughter play football, or your son play netball?

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