Can't get to the gym? Here is one fun way to keep fit

Is life so busy you just can’t seem to get to the gym anymore? Well, don’t stress. Keep reading to find out one way you can stay home, have fun and get fit.

It is almost ironic today that while this generation is known for having a little more disposable income than our forebears, there seems to be more and more ads on TV telling us how to spend it!

And one thing that often catches our eye is the number of gyms and fitness centres paying out to get their name in front of your face during prime time viewing.

Not that we are against anyone going to the gym. In fact we fully support and encourage everyone to live a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle. How you do it is entirely up to you, and if you love the gym, that is great.

But what about those times when you just can’t get there, or it’s not really ‘your thing?’

Well, thankfully there are home-based alternatives that are very cheap, if not free, and one of those ways is dance. That’s right dancing around your house for free!

Now before you turn off, take the time to check the Internet for some awesome videos that will get you up and moving in no time flat. Whatever your taste in music, and however you like to move your body, you will find a video that will get your heartbeat up in a flash and get those pounds falling off in no time.

You can choose Pilates, or fat-burning, or full-body, or Zumba, or legs, or arms, or booty – whatever you want to tone, buff, enlarge or reduce, there looks to be a video for you.

And if you already have a TV and Internet access at home, it is a very cheap way to get fit or lose weight. If your room is big enough you can even invite friends around to join you (or you can just rope in the kids, they will love it too).

So what are you waiting for! 

Just some of the many YouTube videos available include:

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Can’t get to the gym? Here is one fun way to keep fit

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