What is the best beauty advice your mother gave you?

Did your mother give you some sound advice as you were growing up about your beauty routine? Keep reading to find out what mine said to me, and how it has remained one of the most important aspects of who I am to this day.

Growing up in a working household where money was often tight, I remember a number of conversations with my mum about the important things in life: a happy home, food on the table, and a roof over our heads. And I often remember going shopping with her when she purchased the weekly food for the family, and a few occasional beauty products.

It was during one of these trips to the shops when we overheard a couple arguing in the shops. They were very loud and neither held back in the use of their language as they berated each other, even though their young children were within earshot. Mum turned to me shortly afterwards and gave me one of the best pieces of beauty advice I could ever have received.

“Always remember that no matter what you put on your face or what you wear, true beauty comes from within.”

A very simple statement you might think, but its powerful truth has stayed with me to this day. It is a daily reminder that I can buy the best beauty products in the world, and I can dress myself up to look a million dollars, but if negativity, bitterness, anger, resentment, and gossip comes out of my mouth when I speak, then all the rest is wasted. Over my lifetime I have seen and met many people who I have initially envied for what they had or how they lived or looked – until I heard them speak. And then I realised that despite how they looked, they had lost the essence of true beauty. 

Did your mum give you any sound beauty advice when you were young? She may have encouraged you to regularly use moisturizer, not to pick your face, take care of your neck, or buy the best foundation you can afford. Let us know what great advice (beauty or other) your mum gave you that stays with you to this day. 

As always, if you have any queries about the right product to use for your skin or hair type, we strongly suggest you seek professional assistance so as to look the very best you can.

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What is the best beauty advice your mother gave you?

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