Remember, people don't notice what you say as much as what you do

Whether you are seeking success in business, in your personal life, or as a parent, your actions in life will always shout louder than your words. 

Kids are a great reminder to all us of that truth. Without even realising they are watching, they will start to imitate what they see you do. They will repeat the words you use – for good or bad! They will wear your clothes, sit like you, eat the way you do, and yes, even treat others the way you do.

So why would you expect it to be any different in the workplace, at school, at church, or on the sporting field?

Wherever you go in life, SOMEONE will be watching you. They will take note how you deal with the opposite sex, what you say in reply to tough questions, and whether you lie or are a person of your word.

Think about that next time you are wondering when success will finally come your way. Perhaps, YOU have been watching the wrong people yourself! Just maybe you have been basing your life, your dreams, your hopes on the actions of a person who only gives the appearance of success, but is in reality, unbalanced, insecure, unreliable and unsuccessful in everything they do.

And think about it next time you are with your kids, your employees, and your friends. Are you authentic, honest and truthful in your actions, or just your words?

Living each adventure, 
Christine and Trevor

Empowering people to live a healthy, active, authentic and fulfilling lifestyle.
Adelaide, South Australia.

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Remember, people don’t notice what you say as much as what you do!

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