Tips on visiting the snowfields with your kids

A holiday in the snow with little ones can be a great experience, or a nightmare! Keep reading for our top tips on visiting the snowfields with kids.

Plan your accommodation wisely

If you have little ones, do you really want to be cramped in a tiny shared room for a week? Why not look for a self-contained apartment or larger accommodation where the kids can be themselves, have room to play and not have you pulling your hair out inside of five minutes.

Buy what you need locally

You can either lug all that food and ski gear with you, or you can pay a little more to get an all-inclusive package where food and snow gear is thrown in. The choice is yours of course and many well-intentioned parents try to save a few dollars by hiring stuff in the capital city at cheaper rates, only for little Billy to leave his boots at home. Pay a little more and leave the stress at home.

Dress the family in layers

Keeping warm on the slopes is about having good, warm underwear and then successive layers of clothing to keep them warm and dry. The outer layer obviously needs to be waterproof. The little ones in particular will get very cold, very quickly, so ensure they are wrapped up well and keep moving when outside.

To save money, try out a day trip first

Accommodation on the slopes is always going to be expensive. A better way for beginners might be to visit the snowfields for the day to try it out and see if the family enjoy the experience. You can always book a longer holiday next year if the day trip was successful.

Check out childcare facilities if you have little ones

Many snowfields have quality childcare available for parents of young kids and when it is cold and wet outside, many little ones really will be happier inside where they can be kept entertained. You can still take them out for short periods, while not having to worry about carrying very little ones around for a week on your arms and hating the experience.

Do your research well to find the best ‘family friendly’ resorts

By now you have probably realised not to believe everything you read in brochures! Instead of believing the paid advertising, do your own research and check around to see what others have to say about the facilities being offered. Find the one that suits your family best and can guarantee a fun time for all members, genders and ages.

If you plan to return, look for a good ski school for the kids

Some resorts only offer the very basic of facilities, while others have professionally run ski schools for the kids, some ranging from ages 3 or 4 years of age. Consider it a wise investment so that in future years it will be your youngers skiing confidently past all those adults slipping and sliding all over the place.

Have a break from the snow

It might seem strange to suggest, but if you are spending a week at the resort, you need to be asking yourself whether you really plan to spend 12 hours a day, every day on the snow? You probably won’t, so why not look for a more inclusive resort that offers some degree of shopping, dining, indoor swimming pool, and the like to entertain all members of the family.

Plan your toilet breaks

Do you know how hard it is to unzip five kids out of 4 layers of clothes every time they need to go? Believe me, you won’t want to be doing it in a hurry when the kids are busting to go, so think ahead and keep checking with them. It is better to take frequent breaks than to be caught short on the snow.

Beware the ‘kids free’ deals

We are not saying to avoid these offers altogether, just to do your research well. If a resort is giving your three kids free entry, gear and rides, what are they doing to make up for that expense? At the end of the day, every business needs to make a profit to stay in business, so if they are appearing to give something free to you for the kids, what prices might they be increasing elsewhere to make up for it? Whatever deal you finally accept, go into it with your eyes wide open so you don’t have regrets later.

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Tips on visiting the snowfields with your kids
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