How to eat your vitamins instead of swallowing pills

Do you swallow a vitamin pill every morning in the hope that it is going to do you some good? Instead of spending your hard-earned money on something that may or may not do you any good, let us show you a better and healthier way to eat your vitamins each day. Keep reading to find out how.

Unless you are taking medication prescribed by your health professional to meet a specific dietary deficiency, we have found that eating a good diet which includes a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables meets our nutrient needs in a way that is far more satisfying than swallowing a daily multivitamin. Some of the things we have learned include:

Vitamin A

Sweet potato and carrots are great for this vitamin as well as dairy, spinach, liver and eggs.

Vitamin B

We love whole grains and fresh fruit and make sure we regularly eat bananas, nuts and seeds, chickpeas, lean meat like chicken, pork, and beef, as well as eggs, fish and dairy.

Vitamin C

We add berries and oranges to just about everything, as well as kiwi fruit, strawberries, mangoes, brussel sprouts, peppers, and kale. We make many of our own snacks like the one above which do not require baking and are brimming with goodness.

Vitamin D

Do you know how many ways there are of including yummy eggs into your diet? Many, trust us. Get lots of healthy sunshine at the correct times of day, and eat eggs, dairy products, seafood and cereal.

Vitamin E

Enjoy your nuts and seeds, spinach, avocados, wheatgerm, and raw broccoli.

Vitamin K

Raw broccoli, spinach, kale, brussel sprouts, and all leafy green vegetables are best for this vitamin.


Sweet potato, beet greens, lean red meat, chicken and fish will help you here.

Folic Acid

Dark green leafy vegetables are essential as well as dairy products, whole grains, eggs, and fruits and nuts.


Milk, collard greens, and sardines will help.


Chicken’s liver, lean red meat, fish, beans, spinach and poultry are delicious and so good for you. Some women might still need an iron supplement and should be led by their GP in regards to this.


Enjoy a range of animal products like beef shanks, as well as oysters and nuts.

While the above list might seem almost impossible to include into your weekly diet, you will find that as you begin to think more about your health and cut out the processed foods you are accustomed to, you will find a way to introduce them into your mealtimes. You don’t need to eat them all at one time, just be sure to have a well-rounded diet in which you are eating the correct portion sizes from all the necessary food groups. And if in any doubt, speak to your health professional or dietician. 

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How to eat your vitamins instead of swallowing pills

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