When to add lip liner to your beauty routine

If you have ever worn lipstick, you have probably seen an occasional lip liner being advertised alongside it in the store or catalogue. But if you have never used it, keep reading to find out when to add lip liner to your beauty routine.

Have you ever applied lipstick and just thought it needed ‘something else’ but you weren’t sure what? Or maybe you just wished it would last longer, look more professional, or just looked fuller? If you can relate to any of these circumstances, then my friend it is possibly time you invested in a good lip liner and gave it a go!

When applied correctly it should help define your lips and is the secret to a perfect cupid’s bow. It should not be a significantly different colour to your lipstick, so generally choose a colour that is a shade or two lighter than the lipstick being used. If you have thin lips you might find having a shade darker will make them look fuller and more defined. You will probably need a couple of different colours and shades to suit your lips and go with different lipsticks you use.

You will want to clean and moisturize your lips first before applying any lipstick or liner.  Work on the rest of your makeup to let your lips dry and then apply it as you normally would. To make the lipstick last longer and not fade, try filling in your lips first with the pencil and then apply your lipstick. The pencil’s consistency will act like glue to keep the colour longer.

When applying, hold the lip liner at a 45 degree angle and work with short strokes to get a nice clean line. Don’t try to get a straight line, but rather go with the natural outline of your lips and work slowly around. And don’t overdo it. While you want to fill in your lips you don’t want to stand out like some freakish horror extra. Work slowly and lightly.

And our big tip is to keep the pencil sharpened and warm the tip between your fingers if it starts getting too hard.

As always, if you have any queries about the right product to use for your skin or hair type, we strongly suggest you seek professional assistance so as to look the very best you can.

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When to add lip liner to your beauty routine

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