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Are you about to bring your first cat or kitten home? Then keep reading for our top tips.

They might look all cute and cuddly in the pet store, but are you REALLY ready for your first cat or kitten? 

Health check

Hopefully you bought your new furry friend through a reputable source, but do you know how many animals are sold who are sick, ridden with parasites and malnourished? Lots. So do yourself a big favour and make an appointment with a local vet to have it checked thoroughly after picking it up. They can also advise you on the correct feeding regime and arrange regular checkups.

Opt for the biggest litter tray – or even try two

Don’t skimp when it comes your new friend, even when it comes to plain old simple litter trays. If it is too small he or she will not be happy and may mess elsewhere. And many love to have a choice so if space permits, even try having two trays so your cat can make its own mind up.

Let them get accustomed to your home

Many cats will feel uneasy about coming into a new home and having a wide area to range when they don’t know where they are. Consider making a nice area in a bathroom or laundry where they can settle into the home with all its noises and smells before giving them the full run of the house. You can furnish it with lots of blankets in a nice cosy box, and a variety of toys, and you can join them at times. Once they are more settled and have come to know you they can be let into the rest of the house, and then later the yard as well.

Train your children as well as the cat

Little children in particular need to be introduced to the cat or kitten slowly and under supervision. If your child is under five years of age, you might want to restrict their interaction to times when you are around. Older children who are not accustomed to cats also need to be shown how to approach a cat and pick it up safely. No child should every be encouraged to chase it or pull its tail.

Get a scratching post

Cats are born to claw and have a natural instinct to scratch their claws on a suitable object in their locale. Train them to use the scratching post so as to avoid extensive damage to your furniture. 

Five simple tips to get you and your cat accustomed to each other. If you have any more, please drop a comment below to share with others.

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Top tips for new cat owners
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