'THE UNTOUCHABLES': Our Latest DigitalArt Image

This week’s DigitalArt image recalls the days of ‘The Untouchables’, a real-life and very elite law enforcement team on a never-ending battle against organised crime in 1930’s Chicago. It was made into a television series of the 1960’s, in which Robert Stack starred as lead Special Agent Eliot Ness. Keep reading to find out more about our image and how it was made.

This elite squad under Ness was formed to deprive gang leader Al Capone of his illegal sources of income which was used to run his empire, and pay off corrupt officers and officials who were keeping Capone safe from prosecution. The team of nine became legendary for being fearless and incorruptible, earning themselves the nickname, ‘The Untouchables.’

The TV series (and the later movie in the 1980’s) often showed Ness and his team charging through the streets of Chicago at night in their black cars as they sought out Capone’s illegal breweries, stills and speakeasies. 

Our thoughts for the image came about after seeing a similar-looking toy car to that used by Ness. It was sitting all by itself on an old shelf (see below) and we wondered what it might look like with a bit of Photoshopping! We took a photo with our smartphone and headed home to play with the image.

The Untouchables

The first job was to cut out the image in Photoshop which was achieved quite easily using the Pen tool. We did not need to be too particular as we knew it would become quite grungy by the time we were done. With the car cut out onto a new layer, we looked for a suitable brick background, and then added several coloured textures on top of the background to add character, but still retain some sense of an urban environment.

We loved the look of the shiny metal plate we saw behind the toy car, and so some of that texture was copied back into the new image in the top left, as well as behind the car after being transformed horizontally. A series of brushes were used to add some further character and grunge. Once we had the background the way we wanted it, we used the motion blur to give the appearance of the car speeding past.

The toy car had no driver and so we needed to darken the cars windows sufficiently so that would not be noticeable. Textures were applied to the car and brushes were used to make that quite grungy in line with the plan for our scene. A slight blur was applied so as to make it look like it was moving. A radial blur was used on both wheels, and brushes used to ‘place’ the car into the scene and add further movement and blur between the two images.

A curves layer brightened up the lighter, shiny parts of the image and further darkened the shadows to give the impression of the ‘raid’ being conducted at night in a darkened Chicago street. More brushes were used to add several types of vignettes around the image, and our text placed at the top of the image. This was darkened and blended into the image to finish it off. 

We hope you like it, and would love to know your thoughts on this image if you would be so kind as to leave a comment below for us. 

Living each adventure, 
Christine and Trevor

Our  special thanks go to the awesome guys at Design Cuts for the wonderful materials supplied and information shared to complete this image.

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‘THE UNTOUCHABLES’: Our Latest DigitalArt Image
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