Wine Review: Taylors Jaraman shiraz

Anyone looking for a flavoursome, rich Aussie dry red wine might do well to take a peek at this offering from Taylors. 

Their Jaraman Shiraz does not disappoint and would pair well with a large number of foods. Using wines from both the Clare Valley and McLaren Vale wine areas, this Shiraz might well be one of the best wines you will taste this year. 

Dark purple in colour, it has ample berry and cherry fruitiness, while not being overbearing. As with most Shiraz, this wine can be enjoyed on its own or with a variety of food such as venison, irish stew, rack of lamb, brisket, and pasta. 

If you have a few spare dollars, this 2015 wine would be worthy of cellaring to see how it develops further. 

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Our Score:

4.8 out of 5

Taylors Wines

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Wine Review: Taylors Jaraman 2015 Shiraz
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