Why push ups are still a great way to exercise

While there is a great deal of evidence suggesting we should mix up our exercise regime, the humble push up remains one of the favourites amongst many sports people and fitness trainers. Keep reading to find out why that is so.

If you are looking to raise your metabolic rate, build fitness, lose weight, increase strength, or just tone your body, the push up comes into its own as a cheap and very effective way of maintaining or achieving your fitness goals. You don’t need a gym or any expensive equipment at home, just a space big enough to lay down in and you are good to go.

They are probably one of the oldest forms of exercises, and they are still used for one very good reason. They work! They specifically target all the muscles in the upper body including forearms, core, chest and shoulders. But they also help strengthen the back, neck, trunk and legs. Depending upon the space you have to do push ups, you can vary how you do them, and whether your feet are on the floor or higher up on a stable box, step or bench for a more intense workout.

We read recently that there are in fact a  ‘Top 15’  range of push ups for those willing to give it a go! Not only does this add variety to your exercise regime, it focuses on different muscles and include things like a wide grip, single leg, atomic, and clap push ups.

So next time you are moaning about not being able to get to the gym, or the cost of membership, why don’t you grab a mat and try out the Top 15? We are betting it will give you a workout you had not imagined possible. Do this for three months and compare your fitness levels before and after. We think you will be very surprised. 

And if you haven’t exercised for a while, check with your health professional first. Then please let us know how you go by leaving a comment below.

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Why push ups are still a great way to exercise

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