How to avoid embarrassing makeup mistakes

By this stage of your life you have probably acquired a makeup routine that gets you nicely by each day. But we are sure there have been some days when everything that could go wrong – did – and you hardly dared to leave the house! We have all had them, and today we thought we would touch on some of the best. Keep reading if you are game!

Porcelain dolls

Blush can either be a girl’s best friend, or a disaster waiting to happen. One moment you are adding some much-needed colour to your cheeks, and the next you look like a circus clown or porcelain doll! Be sure to keep the tones as neutral as possible and blend well rather than just working on the circle on your cheeks.

Getting a tan from your foundation

Remember that your foundation is there to cover up imperfections and create a smooth-looking complexion. If your foundation is doing the job of the bronzer, it is a good hint that you are using the wrong foundation shade. Try and test a sample before buying, and if possible try it on your jawline under different kinds of lighting to see if it suits your skin.

Soggy or dried-out makeup

We know you have done it too. You thought keeping your makeup in the bathroom was a great idea, until you suddenly realised it wasn’t! Makeup and hot, humid environments do not go well together, so think carefully about where you can store your makeup where it can be protected from extreme heat or humid environments that also encourage the growth of bacteria.

Cakey makeup

Yep, trying to do a rush job often ends in disaster, and if you hurriedly apply foundation over dry or oily skin you know how it is going to end up! ALWAYS cleanse your face first and consider applying a good moisturizer /primer before the foundation.

Messy mascara

If you have ever had that clumpy mess known as ‘spider lashes’ you know what we are talking about. It is usually caused by either using cheap and nasty mascara or just applying too much. If it happens to you, try a better brand, skip the second coat of mascara or try using a lash comb to separate the lashes properly.

Obvious contouring

Contouring looks great, but only when it is not obvious. If it applied too heavily or not blended well it will become the focal point of your face. Blend, blend and then blend again.

Leaving the house before checking your face in natural light

Sure, it looks fine in the mirror, under artificial lighting, but what about outside in the bright sunlight, or under dull clouds? If you can’t get outside because of the weather, at least stand by a well-lit window and check it in a hand-held mirror before leaving.

Wearing the wrong colour eyeshadow

Blue eyeshadow looks great on some people, especially little girls. But it doesn’t suit everyone, and not everyone should try to match their eyeshadow to the colour of the outfit they are wearing. Only you know what colour eyeshadow suits you – and if you don’t, then ask a friend or professional for some honest advice. Your eyes should be the focus on your face, for all the right reasons.

Dirty makeup brushes

Like everything else in life, they too need an occasional clean girls. Whether you clean them daily or weekly, just remind yourself now and again how much dead skin, oil and bacteria collects on them, and just perhaps it would be nice to clean them.

Lipstick on your teeth

Yep, this one has happened to every girl at some stage but can be easily fixed. Always blot to remove any excess, and even thereafter there is nothing wrong with (privately) sticking a clean finger in your mouth, closing your lips around it and pulling your finger out. Any excess should come off on your finger, rather than go on your teeth.

Bright lipstick on cracked lips

Sometimes in life we end up with chapped or dry lips, but when we do that is not the time to cover them with bright colours. That will only draw attention to them. Of course the answer is to take better care of your lips and keep them nourished as much as possible. And for those day when life just happens, use a more natural colour lipstick until your lips recover sufficiently to go back to brighter colours.

Ten simple ways to avoid making embarrassing makeup mistakes. Do you have any we have not listed? If you do, we would love you to share them below.

As always, if you have any queries about the right product to use for your skin or hair type, we strongly suggest you seek professional assistance so as to look the very best you can.

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How to avoid embarrassing makeup mistakes

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