'WILDLIFE AT DUSK': Our Latest DigitalArt Image

This week’s DigitalArt image comes about after we took a photo of an Australian Magpie when he visited our garden recently. Unfortunately while we loved the photo of the bird, the background was disappointing, and so once again we turned to Photoshop. Keep reading to find out what we did.

Once we reviewed our photo, we recognised that the bird almost blended into the busy background of foliage and fencing. So a decision was made to take the photo in Adobe Photoshop and remove the bird using the Pen tool. Once we had the bird on its own layer, we began to use brushes and different blend modes to bring out the feathering and other features on the magpie. By doing so it added a type of watercolour effect which we felt was quite pleasing.

We then commenced adding several layers of textures to turn the empty background into a fiery red/orange sunrise or sunset effect. Theses textures included crumpled paper, cracked cement, and painted card. Brushes were used to add additional colour where we felt it was needed and to remove it from others. We were aiming for the sun’s glow to be behind the bird’s head and for the colour to almost bleed out from that point. Curves and hue/saturation layers were used to darken some areas and add additional colour where it was needed.

With the background complete we then continued using brushes to add a vignette and several borders of different shades around the magpie to complete the picture. We hope you like our image, and would love to know your thoughts on this image if you would be so kind as to leave a comment below for us. 

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‘WILDLIFE AT DUSK’: Our Latest DigitalArt Image
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