Why you need to allow your parents and grandparents to play a role in the life of your family

We all have parents, and some of us are lucky enough to still have parents and grandparents alive to relate to. Whatever your current situation might be in life, can we encourage you if at all possible to love and appreciate your parents and grandparents for who they are and enjoy the time you have with them. Keep reading to find why we think this is so important.

No parents of course are perfect, and please do not expect them to be. They will still make mistakes and perhaps because of their age or position in the family hierarchy may make statements about you or your children that could at times be embarrassing or upsetting. Whatever they say, please believe they are speaking out of love and despite how it may come out, they really do have your best interests at heart.

Frank Pittman had it right when he said “The guys who fear becoming fathers don’t understand that fathering is not something perfect men do, but something that perfects the man. The end product of child raising is not the child but the parent.”

Trevor had this point hit home with his mother many years ago. Some words had been spoken between them that had caused a separation, and it seemed like the longer they did not speak, the more they recognised the chasm that was growing between them. Eventually, common sense prevailed and they came together once again to rebuild that relationship. We were able to take his mum out for dinner to celebrate the love and ongoing relationship they enjoyed, and now that she and Trevor’s dad have passed, we are so glad that they had resolved those issues and there were no unsaid things between them.

Was there a reason for an initial disagreement that caused this issue with Trevor’s mum? Yes there was. But that does not mean that they had to part or stop being a part of each other’s lives. As mature adults we all could have worked through this episode a lot better and we encourage everyone to look seriously at all their relationships in their lives and try very hard to always see both sides.

We believe that every single person on this earth has a purpose for being here, and each one of us has the ability to touch another human being for the better. And we know that parents and grandparents have a very real pivotal role to play in encouraging, assisting, and helping their family members get through the tough times, and to be there for them when the going gets tough.

As we all know, younger members of the family are busy trying to set up home, get their kids through school, assist with after-school activities, budget down to the last dollar, and still have time to love and nurture their families. Imagine what a blessing it is when an older family member is able to volunteer to pick up the kids from school, help out with some homework, turn up with a bag of groceries, or have the kids stay overnight to allow you to take your partner out for dinner.

Never mind the wisdom they can share from having gone through some of life’s great challenges and difficulties themselves!

We recently spent the evening with friends who have many grandchildren of their own, and they shared that one of their daughters had been attending pre-birth classes, and had been busy reading just about every book she could get on children before having her first child. That daughter had just remarked to her mum that it’s only now that she realises everything she has read and heard from the experts is what her mum has already told her. Isn’t that great!

So this week, can we encourage you if it is at all possible, to spend some time with your parents or grandparents. Honour them for who they are and for the part they have hopefully played in your life so far. And recognise the important role they still have to play in your family in the years ahead. And one day, when they do pass on, there will not be any regrets over what wasn’t said or done.

Just wonderful memories of the great times you have shared together.

Living each adventure, 
Christine and Trevor
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Why you need to allow your parents and grandparents to play a role in the life of your family

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