Be careful what you ask children to do, they may just do it

We recently asked our grandson to get out his pens and do some drawing for us. Well, he obliged, including using the pen to draw all over his face and legs! Yes, children can take you VERY literally! Keep reading for more such examples and why you should be careful what you ask them to do, and how you ask.

Have you ever taken your child to her or his chosen sport and told them to ‘keep their eye on the ball?’ This is a classic statement made by many parents that is assumed to be a very simple request. Small children can take it very differently though.

We have seen many delightful examples where the child has just watched the ball and done nothing more. They do not understand that you mean for them to do anything once the ball starts moving.

When taking our young son to his first soccer lesson his coach told him to ‘stand here‘ by the goal as a defender. And he did exactly that.

Even when the opposing team came running towards him to score a goal, he stood on that spot and did not move!

With the rise of electronic tablets in most homes we saw an example that brought tears of laughter to our eyes. A friend told his young daughter to ‘look up some dog training videos’ on YouTube so they could train their new puppy.

The daughter who was very adept on her tablet did just what was asked, and when we looked in the room to see what she had found, we saw her sitting on the floor showing the videos to the young pup expecting it to suddenly pick up all those skills from YouTube. It was beautiful to watch.

Be careful if you give any food to your child and they reply they are not very hungry. If you answer, “well, just eat half” they tend to do exactly that, and you might find you get a half-eaten apple and all the grapes chomped in half too!

I think the funniest example we saw was when a little one was asked to help out by ‘feeding the dog’ while we went ahead and prepared our own family meal. We had our dinner and wondered why the dog was still hanging around as if hungry. Upon going in the kitchen we saw the dog bowl on the floor, and a can of dog food sitting in the dish.


Yes, children will often take you very literally, so be very careful how and what you say to them.

They might just surprise you.

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Be careful what you ask children to do, they may just do it

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